PMQs sketch 1 March 2017: Is it Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May at the rear end of the panto horse?

The circles the panto horse had been going round in had made it giddy and it ground to a halt.


Corbs & May: giddy  ”The i i i i issues t t that he raises….”  Stop stuttering Theresa….

Mr Corbyn reminded Theresa about previous comments re ”The Nasty Party” and implied that it was still in situ.  She said the Tories were fiscally responsible cf Labour and Corbs said that was rich considering the borrowing is greater now than it ever was under Labour.  Corbs did OK today actually.

Her idea of consultation is telling people what she’s going to do as in Brexit where she appealed against a court saying she had to respect the sovereignty of parliament and instead went her own not so sweet way. In PMQs every day sees her becoming a caricature of herself as the gurning, spiteful schoolgirl as she hurls yet another spiteful comment in lieu of answering legitimate questions. A nasty woman leading a nasty party.

PMQs live: Jeremy Corbyn faces down Theresa May in aftermath of Copeland and Stoke by-elections

If there is real austerity why was the National Debt £ 1 Trillion in 2010 when Cameron came to power and had risen to £1.6 Trillion when he left last year. If my local Council in Tory Guildford is anything to go by then there has been zero austerity and rampant profligacy – much of it spent on itself !

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