Dangerous Potholes On Tolpits Lane – Just Tolpits Lane Councillor Bell? Hertfordshire roads are full of em mate!

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/15123434._Dangerous potholes_outside_school_being_ignored_claims_councillor/

Jim Lahey Tue 28 Feb 17
I would say that every pothole in Watford is being ignored by the county council. Wake up add smell the coffee Bell,moore

The Rover Tue 28 Feb 17

Those potholes were all repaired about 2 weeks ago, but it was such a shoddy job that the surface broke up within about 10 days and they are back.

Cuetip Replying The Rover Wed 1 Mar 17
Bottom line transient sub contractors spreading the cow pat tar even thinner these days as the CON LIBS want us to accept increasingly lower degraded services.

What ever happened to health and safety where many shredded roads and faded neglected road markings / signs are now so poorly lit?

How about rebates and more compensation to drivers incurring tyre / suspension damage for a service not fit for purpose ?


Rich Harrington – Busy in Watford Doing Nothing.

GW: Yep. Meanwhile ToriCon Rich Harrington Watford’s erstwhile MP continues to just wander about seeking photo opportunities e.g. he recently mouthed support for Watford General but in reality fully supports J Hunt’s privatisation Agenda. Harrington has made a good living in Watford since 2010 being very busy doing nothing. The worst thing is to watch him stroll up to events wearing a Watford FC scarf whilst humming – no doubt – ”Oh yes I’m the Great Pretender”.

YouTube – The Great Pretender-The Platters(1956)

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