James Bowman
Feb 27, 2017

800,000 ????? My GOD!!!!!! My blood is boiling my eye are fixing to explode!!

Wing zblessed
I listened to a video of Dr Joye Pugh on Endeavor Freedom’s channel and her research into the Holy Bible has lead her to believe that these pedophiles are of the line of Cain. Satanic serpent seed. Definitely something to look into.

Chante Moody
It HAS TO BE ORGANIZED CRIME! As you said, there is NO WAY we have that many individual pedophiles going around getting kids without us finding them SMH.

PODESTA on video/audio torturing a little boy. Its sounds like him and he yells at the kid, WHATS MY NAME? and the kid screams back in horror “JOHN” Sick monster has the same accent as JOHN PODESTA, same vocal tone, same LISP. ITS HIM!! if not him some other monster is hurting these kids. Video is beyond real, I feel it and in my experience it has a real vibe, THE WHOLE VIDEO, kids reaction is very natural and terrified.

MokeyMonkeyboy (edited)
AWESOME, man!! Keep sharing, keep spreading!!

In your neighborhood, dude. JUST fyi… Join us as a researcher or just lurk…. investigative site:

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