SKWAWKBOX has received information from a company, Applied IF Limited, that specialises in the forensic analysis of election results.

This information suggests that the by-election in Copeland in the UK may have been rigged.

Officially, the Conservative Party won the by-election.”

Simiain 26/02/2017
I’ve recently been following the story of Nigel Oakes, SCL & Cambridge Analytica, who trade on their ability to “Manage elections”. Especially as the 2015 GE win was put down to a ‘targeted social media camapign’ but also there is a postal vote conspiracy floating round Scotland as regards the referendum, reading it asks Copeland two questions, What percentage of the votes were postal (in comparison to previous years)? How did those votes break in comparison to previous years? #SurprisingToryWin


JulieT 26/02/2017
Hmmm …. is this how Lynton Crosby “promised” David Cameron an election victory?
SCL and Cambridge Analytica and their ‘election management’ seem to be cropping up a in a few places tonight. It seems they had a hand in Brexit too
“Cambridge Analytica, an offshoot of a British company, SCL Group, which has 25 years’ experience in military disinformation campaigns and “election management”, claims to use cutting-edge technology to build intimate psychometric profiles of voters to find and target their emotional triggers.”

John Harrington 26/02/2017
I don’t know if anyone checks these comments or if it is even relevant. But I noticed something fishy about this by election, too. I distinctly remember reading in, I think, the Guardian live blog on Friday that 70% of the votes cast had been postal votes. I then went back to find this yesterday but could find no trace of the comment. I then searched to find any info about the postal voting online but could find nothing.
However, intriguingly, while the official Council website for Stoke Central gives a breakdown of the postal votes cast in its election and the detailed results given in the press do too, the Copeland one makes no mention of it at all and nor do any of the results reported in the press.
I can now find no official breakdown of this anywhere. Seems a little strange to me.

Wanda Lozinska 27/02/2017
According to someone who was at the count in Copeland, Labour were ahead at 1am when boxes of Tory postal votes were delivered.

John 27/02/2017
There was another incident which caused the BBC presenter at the count to express surprise – and that was the fact that no ballot papers were stacked on the tables in the main hall.
This is the usual way in which it is possible to ascertain who may have won and who not.
However, all the ballot papers were removed from the main hall so it was impossible to verify who might have won without the detailed figures to hand.
The ballot papers were apparently taken out of the main hall to another room – highly unusual – and I can only guess that the count officials then agreed the outcome separately outside the main hall with the party agents and candidates.
The one person you might want to contact on this is the Labour Party agent. I believe it may be someone by the name of Fiona Stanton, who is based at Copeland Labour Party, Phoenix Court, Earl Street, Cleator Moor, CA25 5AU.
I believe they/she can be contacted via copeland@labour.org.uk or by telephone on 07872 417 306.
We should all remember too that the turncoat Blairite former MP caused this unnecessary and unwanted by-election, which local electorates inevitably resent and usually punish the party thought to be responsible for dragging people out again to vote – again!
Also, the local CLP seemed to go out of their way to select a non-Corbyn candidate who – ultimately – was unsuccessful.
Blaming Corbyn for a lousy ex-member of the PLP and a lousy candidate chosen by the CLP does not make sense to me.

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