Migrant benefits ‘to be AXED under radical new Brexit immigration plans’

RE Veteran
“The construction industry is highly reliant on EU migration”

Hence the crappy brickwork, yesterday I saw 2 gable ends collapsed on a gated estate from Doris, it shouldn’t happen. Brickies brought in from other countries because of the greed of construction firms not wanting to pay the going rate to an UK brickie that is time served. We cannot check migrants qualifications and standards, many could be false.

These Eastern European construction workers have not got a clue they are jack of all trades and master of none.  The only training they get is what they try and teach themselves, there is no apprenticeships or even Government Training, one day they are doing the concreting the next they could be doing the Electrics in a house, all untrained.
I would not let one in my home to do any work what so ever.???

Much of this leaked ‘news’ is fodder for the masses and is all too little too late – by about 40 years. What I wish this or any government to solve is the question of why, when unemployment, both in the official massaged and fiddled figures, and in the true figures, is still running at well over a million, we still ‘need’ a net increase of 300,000 a year in immigration simply to ‘keep the country going’. Are we such a basket case third world country that we can’t staff our hospitals and GPs surgeries with British workers? And if so, why is this? I suspect that the ‘need’ for immigrants is to allow for big profits, not to provide services and care and to staff companies who actually make things.

In February 2012, in answer to a question in the Lords, the figure for Active National Insurance Numbers in Britain was given at 65 million. Migration Watch have said, unchallenged, that Net Migration is running at 300,000 plus per year – 600,000 last year, since 2011. Cameron admitted last year that there were at least 1 million illegal, unregistered migrants, in Britain. Now here is the one the Press and Politicians, conveniently, do not add to the population figures. There are also 14 million children, at least, in Britain. Add that all up, and you get to a figure of over 80 million. The EU has Asset Stripped Britain of whole industries and Factories so, effectively, we need immigrants in Building, Schools and the NHS to look after the mass of unemployed immigrants to cope with the mass of immigrants. And if they stay here on JSA for 20 years, we will also owe them a b***** Pension. That is complete and utter insanity, and nothing to do with economics of ageing populations.

The UK is the only country in Europe that gives out benefits and healthcare with just the production of a NI number.  Countries like Spain give zilch to EU migrants.  I know from experience of speaking to them over there !!.  This country should be registered as a charity

Without this yearly influx of 340,000 migrants there would be no health crisis more than enough housing and a massively reduced benefits bill for all the millions of migrants claiming benefits and free housing!~ May also get rid of the increasing eyesore of thousands of Romanian and Bulgarian beggars and rough sleepers littering OUR streets and parks!~

Troy Tempest

Immigration is used as a scapegoat to hide the fact that the crisis in U.K. public services is caused by lack of investment to fund tax cuts for the rich, and multi national corporations and banks, allowing the elite such as the Daily Express owner to live a life of pleasure holding their wealth in off-shore tax havens. The British people have repeatedly voted for politicians promising tax cuts whilst refusing to acknowledge the consequence of the quality of public services. It’s just one example of today’s something for nothing culture. If you want decent public services, health, education, housing, you have to sacrifice consumption today and invest in the future.

It is not 340,000 migrants coming to Britain, it is well over 500,000 what you see in this 340,000 figure is what is left after they deduct over 200,000 of British people leaving Britain for a better life in another country that only lets in people that work and support there Families, not a load of unskilled Dole Merchants who want a life on Benefits.

More talk- no do May?

France and Spain pay ZERO to migrant workers and only get something after years of paying into the system. May needs to implement this policy without any delay or its just more of her talk followed by dither followed by doing nothing.

The vast majority of the country agree when is Maybe, or her sunday name Maybenot, going to deliver.

farmers have always been able to get foreign workers one farmer said on TV if they saved their money and stayed in the accommodation provided (which was the same as an American ranch bunk house) after 6 months they could go home and afford to buy a house, that was before the EU

The UK had such a system for many years, maias, for Romanians and Bulgarians. It was called SAWS, the “Seasonal Agricultural Worker’s Scheme”, but was closed in 2013 for some reason – probably connected with ‘let ’em all in’.
The “official reason” was “Government does not intend to open any new SAWS for workers from outside the EEA as our view is that, at a time of unemployment in the UK and the European Union there should be sufficient workers from within those labour markets to meet the needs of the horticultural industry”. It’s on Gov. UK.
Make of that what you will!, but I still hold to ‘let ’em all in’.

GW: It’s ALL about the money honey – no more no less.

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