Dozens of migrants fight with police after trying to get onto UK-bound lorries in Calais


Not Steady Eddie as well.

EUbanker-political super failure state
The EU rule on asylum is simple, you apply in the country you land in. So really all these migrants should be sent back to what ever EU country they landed in first. I accept that is impossible but what ever EU country they end up in they should be given two choices, ‘You either tell us where you have orginated from and you apply for asylum here and now in this country or you will be arrested as an illegal immigrant and held until your country of origin can be determined and then you will be deported back to it’. That the vast powers of the EU cannot enforce their own laws on immigration shows what an utter joke the EU has become. It is estimated that more than 90% of these self styled ‘refugees’ from outside the EU are male, economic migrants (more and more of them from Africa). Allowing young men, many of whom are illiterate savages, to roam as they please around Europe is nothing short of insanity and a crime by the EU being committed upon the indigenous citizens of every EU country.

Why are these gangsters allowed to assault our lorry drivers with impunity ?

Where is Mr. Blair and his spouse to give his opinion?
This pair of miscreants are responsible for this mess.
Cameron and Clegg spoke platitudes and did nothing.
May has done nothing.

EUbanker-political super failure state
Why don’t the Bliars home some of them ….they have a £24 million property portfolio courtesy of Bliar selling his soul to the JP Morgan bank

And it starts again the French won’t listen @u king useless the French deport them six months down the line they will be moaning that we need to take the kids again

All Thanks to the Imbecilic Lef-T, Mul-T Cul-T, Pro-EUro LuVee’s in Downing St & Westminster, Civil Service, Police, CPS, Judiciary & the Traitors in ‘Common Purpose’ & the EUro-State…. Sadly millions of Imbecilic Sheeep keep Voting 4 them, just as they did in Stoke & Copeland….!

And what is May doing?
Holding open the door…

These feral MEN will be allowed in and within months will be having running battles on our streets when they discover our streets are not paved with gold and they were lied to.
My partner is a lorry driver and on more then one occasion,these ‘things’ have ‘ indicated’ they will
Cut his throat unless he opens up
the back of his lorry… And it’s acceptable that a guy trying to earn a living has to deal with this?
We have contacted our local MP about these issues, but not one reply out of six emails…But hey, what does it matter to them?..  I guess if I lived in a gated house with private security patrolling the area, I wouldn’t give a s** t either..
So what’s it going to take to even get this government’s attention?
Half a dozen UK drivers having their throats cut?…And these are the kind of ” poor souls” we want in the UK?
People we are genuinely under attack and no one cares..
How scary is that?

The crazy part is we as citizens cant leave or enter our own country without paper work; yet somehow these migrants from Africa are allowed to? This is criminal and our governments have declared war on us; they want us dead; and these uneducated savages to take our place. This is the truth whether you want to believe it or not

This is why we need Universal Basic Income.

Everyone is entitled to a home, a job, hospital care and respect as a human being.

Let’s all get along and fine a peaceful solution to this.

Everyone is entitled to a home, a job, etc in their own country of origin. No one is entitled to simply walk into another country and expect to be provided for.

Nobody is actually ‘entitled’ to anything! Noble concept but who is going to pay for all this? And I disagree, some people have relinquished the right to be ‘respected as a human being!’

true brit in france
How can it be against anyone’s human rights to be arrested and prosecuted for assault or threatening behaviour or criminal damage?

Stan Dalone
France could just hand over the responsibility of detecting and dealing with stowaways to the British Army. Those that are captured can be relocated onto military ships and resettled on various bases around the world including The Falkland Islands.

Drinking alcohol.i thought they weren’t allowed it

What’s wrong with our government that they can’t stop these invaders coming in? For heaven’s sake we’re not in the Schengen Zone, we don’t have to take anyone we don’t want.

Would you not think that truck locks and security doors would be latest state of the art by now.
However the greatest scandle of the lot is the Greek owner, monaco resident of Easy Jet who as a country joins the EU, for example Romania and Bulgaria in 2014, he starts up flights from the country to the UK and so makes a fortune on foreign vagabonds escaping their cesspit of a country for benefitland UK.
Flights from Warsaw and cracow arrive at our local airport twice a week and my 10 year old daughter is now one of four white British in a primary school class of 30 – and the left wing, lovey dovey authority and teachers love it, and some teachers earn extra money for having responsibility for their special education.
We need Leave fast and then repatriation.

I hope I’ve not offended you, but, you see, I feel concerned in what’s happening in England as I’ve family ties in your country. And I’m deeply shocked when I read that “free food- and-housing grabbers” are pampered at your fellow country(wo)men expense. I don’t understand how such a situation may exist (we have the same problem over there). In my records, a country belongs firstly to those: parents, grand-parents, grand-grand-parents, and so on, who have made it what it is today, who have fought or died for it. Trump is right. I was sincerely expecting your new government would have closed England’s watertight doors to those barbaric hordes. But when I’ve seen that lot of “Gillette children” enter your country with your ministers’ blessing, I’ve understood I had been deluded. And it is going on. Very sad indeed.

GW:  The whole of the third world cannot live in UK.  There just isn’t the space.  And what happens when WE all try to live in a prime location say Canary Wharf?  The price goes up and you either pay it or find somewhere cheaper to live.  Same with these hopefuls.  Have they got the means to afford to live where they would like to?  What about a nice castle on the Caledonian Canal?  Have you got the cash first?

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