John ”Paedosta” Talks About ”Evil Twin” Skippy

In 2011 ”As scandal rocked the end of that presidency, staffers knew they had better come prepared to meetings. Otherwise, nurturing mentor John would be replaced by Skippy — Podesta’s quick-tempered, edgy and sarcastic alter ego.”

John Podesta Denies PIZZAGATE! #SKIPPY

Nanny Boo
Does he really think we’re buying the story that the “gunman” fired one shot and it went in through the top of their pc hidden in a closet, and through its hard drive?

Redbadger Whitson (edited)
Two comments of ” below the ground”…Slips…OLD Skippy sure is into the underground…eh?

Tracy Birkland
They have made Alefantis into the victim also. Podesta will suicide and everyone will think its all over.

The Cannabis Patient Shop (edited)
The proof is OOZING from EVERYWHERE it’s HORRIFYING. These *** are BEYOND SICK!!!!! I love how they didn’t face him forward either so the Body Language Experts can’t assess them! Debunk?! HAHAHAHAHAHA lie after lie and MSM debunked?!

GW:  Hot temper eh?  He’s apparently been recorded beating his own child black and blue while shouting at the poor crying child ”What’s my name?”

Feb 22, 2017  – Lynn Rothschild Calls Podesta a Loser on Twitter: Real or Fake?

Lyn Rothschild puts some distance between them and ‘Paedosta’?  Hmmm.  Setting him up to be the ”fall guy”?

Nocturnal Device
Andy Stoner 🔊 Ran into another creepy pizza place on Instagram. Hashtag search = #BimboDeluxe 🍕 A pizza place in Melbourne. Look @ their flyers & decor. Australia’s version of Comet Pizza!

Kat Stine
Yeah, he’ll use 3 guns to commit suicide like many other rich sickos. In their world if you are found out you become a liability.

Bob Carlo
Podesta trying to get an AQUITAL in court of public opinion, BEFORE , while everyone distances themselves from him, give it a few weeks before he “Takes one for the team” thats their out. The bad man is gone now. WATCH

Julia Jones
I do believe your right. He is going to be their fall guy, cause of course they even turn on each other! This is unbelievable especially in this interview Podesta calls comet pingpong an Upscaled establishment? 😂😂 oh really?

Truth is Forever
I really appreciate Lynn Rothschild taking down this disgusting monster, however, he didn’t ruin a great family, they ruined themselves. There is a cover up and distraction going on… the whole Milo thing is weird and now this... something is about to happen, it has to, I just don’t think we’ll see the really big fish fry…. I pray that I’m wrong.

Nancy Robinson
Clintons are a great family? Compared to what? The Mafia? Rothschilds are vulgar and horrendous responsible for so much suffering. Podesta is all serial criminals combined together of the worst crimes rolled into one. I think he is getting scared that the walls are closing in on him. I don’t know how much longer this all will drag out but drag it will because it is global. That’s why they are all so smug.

dawn goodfalloway
The SR are getting nervous! They blame Skippy for Their Satanist Canal being exposed!! When people get nervous ppl start talking & making mistakes!! Their days r numbered

Em Jay Bern
I can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with David Seaman’s latest video on the Rothschild’s illuminatti connection.

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