WARNING: Do NOT watch The Docu – GRAY STATE!


Published on Jan 24, 2015

The real movie called ”Gray State” was being made by David Crowley who is now dead.

I KNOW!!! David Crowley was murdered and that’s a no brainer!!

William Peddy
“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God.”

allen-joseph: stein
I also watched half of the alleged documentary by Crowley. I noticed the same things you mention, the sounds, the subtle suggestions, the quick flashes, etc. I felt like I was being controlled, anxious, and my mind seemed very stressed and tired. When I paused it and stepped away from the video I noticed a feeling of relief. I then saw your Youtube video message and the title of warning. You are right… there is something very wrong with the video and the Spirit of God within makes one sensitive to the evil programming it contains. You are right… releasing this video doesn’t make sense, and it is way different from the movie Crowley was developing – the movie trailer shows that the movie was to be a fictional story revealing truth. Why would Crowley make a documentary in support of a fictional story? These agents of evil are capable of doing anything to get their way and achieve their goals. Sandy Hook is a perfect example; I have personal knowledge that the event was fake and theatre for the mind. Thank you for your warning; and this is another reminder that we need to guard and protect our minds and stay energized with the Holy Spirit through study of His Word. This present evil world is using technology to attack our minds so as to separate us from the living God and be subordinate to Satan’s agents. May God bless you and keep you safe. I appreciate your alertness and efforts to send out a warning. Allen

A ”Yarg-un’s” Guide To Dealing With The ”Gray State”:


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