UPDATE PIZZAGATE: new info on James Alefantis!!! Voter IDs found.

Zombie Koolaid

17 February 2017

NEW HAMPSHIRE State Representative & Hillary Friend: NH DEM Rep, Thomas Katsiantonis, Arrested?


His ”nickname” was ”pa-edo kat”??  This one is an actual governmental official being locked up whereas Sandusky was lower level.

Full Video @ King Truth Logan Llc

Sean Gardner
I am copy pasting this to every #pizzagate video I see today, in an effort to spread more info and give people more resources, share this link! Here is a HUGE pizzagate information archive. Thousands of links. https://www.scribd.com/document/339547302/Full-list-not-updated

FBI Insider Leaks D.C Pedophile List W/ 95% Accuracy!
Published on Feb 18, 2017

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