Iraqi migrant ‘raped 13-year-old girl at train station then fled Germany to Hungary’

”The unnamed migrant, 37, allegedly violently attacked the girl in Hamburg on November 2016, but fled the country before being detained in Hungary.

Hungarian authorities identified the man, who had used a string of different names and dates of birth, by his fingerprints after he tried to gain access to a holding camp in southern Hungary.

When authorities took his fingerprints they realised a European Arrest Warrant had been issued under one of his aliases.

If the Iraqi man is found guilty of raping the 13-year-old girl it would contribute towards the growing clamour of German citizens who are angry at Angela Merkel for implementing the infamous open door policy towards refugees and asylum seekers.

Aside from the sex attacks carried out in Cologne on the New Year’s Eve before last, a host of migrant-related sex attacks have been reported to German police.”

Hungary has got the right idea. For thousands of years they’ve fought invaders, being at a european geographical crossroads, and for thousands of years have maintained their national identity.

I’m utterly amazed I can comment on this thread!

Perhaps the establishment are getting the message, that we will not be silenced. And by stopping folk commenting they are stoking up trouble in a very big way. It would not take much for the pressure cooker to blow as it were. Look at Europe, Paris in particular this last couple of weeks. End of the day, there are many more of us, than of them (the political elite) who think they are in charge. They often forget that they are there to serve us, NOT the other way around.

The liberal progressives can only try and make excuses for these thirld world savages for so long, sooner or later, the brown stuff, really will hit that whirly thing.

GW:  37 years old and a string of false names and birth dates?  The bloke’s a crim & a pae-do endof.  However tptwtb are hoping that the General Sheeplic will get so de-sensitized to it by all this repetitive offending, that they will, in the end, just turn a blind eye?  Unfortunately for ”them”, not so my friends.  Not so.  Keep putting pressure on the politicos folks.

PETITION: Bring back hanging for paedos

We have an infestation of paedos and nonces within our media, government and civil service. Especially within members of the Bilderberg Club and the Freemasons which seem to be nonce cults. This is why Judges (who are freemasons) give lenient sentences to their fellow nonces. Hang them all.

Just look at Rotherham the paedo capital of the world thanks to the police, Labour party councillors and a growing Muslim population where paedophilia is part of their religion/cult.  Look at how many MPs and judges are paedos almost all of them who are a Freemason/member of the Bilderberg Club. For some reason the rich and powerful are all evil Satanic child r#pists and the government does absolutely nothing about it except cover it up. It’s about time we sent a strong message and hung them all!

Click this link to sign the petition:

Maybe a bit extreme Tom but it could be used as a stick to poke tptwtb with.

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