smoke’n mirrors

john r
Good on ya, there’s more cameras in that mall than in Hollywood..Did walking the route in person put a new perspective on just how fake, and far fetched the whole thing was?  I dig the John Farnham song, reminds me of the Riot scene in “Hot Rod”

Honest Aussie
hey i’m just throwing this out there but does anybody actually think “Dimitrious Gargasoulas” and “Angelo Gargasoulas” might just be the same actor??

Honest Aussie
Just watched your video at home here in Melbourne. If you are back in Melbourne, i’ll buy you a beer. It’s been going on for years and we can only hope that by exposing it more and more, they will eventually stop making crap up. The problem is they are going broke and need to keep producing content, whether real or fake – it’s all about New information, not true information and why they quickly created the boys home escapees story very soon after this event unfolded. To move people onto the next thing. They have limited budgets to maintain backstories of each of the people in this Bourke Street Drama and to keep propping the house of cards up but eventually it will fall.

Interesting to note how a lot of people are just strolling without a care in the world, and Im sure this is due to large areas that do not have vehicle access, yet on the day Jimmy burnt up the pavement flying past Mind Games everyone on the footpath was able to leap out of the way like a dodgeball professional.

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