‘They were inseparable’ British couple found murdered after robbery in South Africa home

‘Italy is at breaking point, with 181,000 migrants travelling to the country, mostly by boat, in the last year.

And the government in Rome estimated the nation could only take a total of 200,000.”


Reg King
They couldn’t wait to kick out the colonialists, but now they don’t want the place either and are now heading in their hordes to Europe!

The time has come
Do you know since 1994 over 80.000 white SA have died NO tortured by blacks…. Why would a white want to move to SA the state it’s in…. it has over 11 million blacks not paying tax totally unemployable out for whatever they can get from the White…My heart goes out to their family...Where’s the BLM movement now


What an arrogant and rude bunch of people! Would they walk into one another’s homes without an invitation? Why would they think they can walk into someone else’s country to steal the infrastructure they have built to serve their own kind? Who asked them? Did you? I know I didn’t. Do you think they are so poorly “house trained” simply because they don’t have houses as we understand them or anything worthy of theft as we have?
Think about this: IF the currently accepted theory is true: That virtually all of humanity stemmed from Africa starting with those who went first to India and then those who went to SE Asia, and then China, followed by Mongolia through North America to South America until, finally: Around the Eastern end of the Mediterranean to Europe. IF that is even half-true then the African’s have had the longest stable home of all. It stretches back to the find of “Lucy” in Olduvai Gorge dated back 3.2 million years.

Then why do they still need help to develop?
Why are we not all heading down to Africa for a better life?

Whatever one says about this situation will be deemed racist by all those affected by it but the simple fact is the African’s have hardly developed at all. Go there, see for yourself don’t take my word for it.

Like so many peoples on this planet of ours there are those who could and did and there are those who couldn’t and didn’t. Our big mistake was travelling there and showing them what we had created for ourselves. Now they all want the same things but have no idea how to create it all for themselves so their simple solution is to come and take from us what we have built for ourselves.

Is it our fault that they have not developed similar abilities? They have had longer, they have had more examples to learn from but did not and they have had more help from us than anyone gave us. So what is fair?

Should we constantly reduce our standard of living to raise theirs, if you think we should; why? All our meddling has done is exacerbate the problem by enabling their population to explode simply because we feed them and they do not have to find food. We heal them so they do not die before the age of 5. They have no jobs to go to, they have little or no entertainment so what do they get up to all day?

The answer is the same we would if we had everything given to us and had no responsibilities: Responsibilities like feed, clothe house our families. Work to put food on the table etc. They reproduce, propagate fornicate and they do not care much about the kids they produce; why should they we’ll look after them!

Europeans and by extension the Western World have done more than they should have for those who are incapable of developing on their own. It is time our charity was spent at home and not abroad where all it seems to do is make developing world leaders wealthy and expand the world’s population.


The official king of South Africa’s Zulu tribe has announced that that country was economically, militarily, and socially better under white Afrikaner rule—and that history will judge blacks as only having destroyed everything that they had inherited from the white government. We have proof of it here and in the US.

GW: Certainly SA doesn’t seem to have flourished under the new regime.  No-one in our lot just emigrates to a new country and then demands to be catered for.  Don’t these folk get it?  An economy is a finely balanced system whereby everyone contributes centrally in order to fund the society.  You can’t just add in endless numbers of people to the system and expect the payment mechanism to survive!!!!!  Think.  Where is the place in the world with least pressure on the economy – not the place with the greatest pressure. PTHERT!

D is for Democracy
Tried to tell you what is happening in Italy first hand – DE moderation will not let me.
DE is just a main stream media pile of S.

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