Rik Mayall’s Last Movie ”One By One” Was His Gift To Us All

Rik Mayall out in west London in the week he has announced he will return to TV in six new episodes of the series 'Bottom' with Adrian Edmondson. The funnyman appeared to be sporting a few extra pounds since his TV heyday. London, England - 24.08.12 Featuring: Rik Mayall Where: London, United Kingdom When: 24 Aug 2012 Credit: WENN

Rik Mayall
out in west London 
Credit: WENN

”Scene from ‘One by One’ Rik Mayall’s last film before his sudden death” http://tapnewswire.com/2017/02/rik-mayalls-last-movie/

Looks very fit funny how he suddenly died so young innit.

Thanks to Tapestry for bringing this to our attention.

The Mysterious Death Of Rik Mayall

”He met his wife Barbara Robbin in the BBC make-up department.

Rik knew all about the paedo-ring which linked to Savile, government and royalty.”

”In 1995, he featured in a production of the play Cell Mates alongside Stephen Fry. Not long into the run, Fry had a nervous breakdown and fled to Belgium, where he remained for several days, and the play closed.

In 2007, Mayall said of the incident:

“You don’t leave the trenches … selfishness is one thing, being a cunt is another. I mustn’t start that war again”

Some claim that Stephen Fry is a known paedophile and the real reason he quit the play was due to a 13 year-old boy making a complaint against him in Norwich.”


Dom West @ Coleman
JUNE 9, 2014
Stephen Frei: a vile, vile, entity.
A ghastly little shirt-lifter with much indeed concerning young boys and a good deal else to hide.
An utterly revolting individual by any metric. No wonder he he’s in demand at the BBC.

Giraffe Coulter @ The Independent
And Steven Fry kept his job on QI despite this –

“Stephen Fry criticised after suggesting that sexual abuse survivors should not ‘pity’ themselves”

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