Racial Incident: Man shouted to mum “white people shouldn’t breed” in sickening street attack

‘Rezzas Abdulla left little Layla-Jean in her pushchair, covered in saliva, after the shocking attack in South Shields last January.

The judge referred to Abdulla’s previous convictions and told him: “You have
got a problem, it seems to me, with white women.”

The court heard after the attack last January, Abdulla spent time, between July
and September, receiving psychiatric treatment in hospital, which has continued
after his release into the community.

The judge said Abdulla’s deteriorating mental health at the time of the attack
“contributed” towards the offence.”


GW:  And neither should folk like yourself Mr Abdulla.  

All people need to be dealt with equitably under the law – hence ‘blind justice’. This does not seem to be the case across Europe – including the UK. Compare the suspended sentence handed down today re the man spitting in the face of a child and racially abusing her mother (and all the health issues that could arise from ingesting saliva) and the 6 months’ imprisonment given for a pork attack (!!!) on a place of worship. It is these obvious inequalities that further fuel tensions

It’s called positive disgrimination, It’s rampant among lefties, but they always deny it. Denial is where they are at.

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