Brit blogger and Trump fan Milo Yiannopoulos has book deal cancelled over comments ‘defending paedophilia’

”The footage which resurfaced was from an episode of The Drunken Peasants podcast from January 2016.

Discussing the age of consent, Yiannopoulos, who is openly gay, said: “We are talking about 13-25, 13-28, these things do happen perfectly consensually.”

“We get hung up on abuse, and this is a controversial view which I accept, but we get hung up on this child abuse stuff, to the point where we are heavily policing even relationships between consenting adults, you know grad students and professors at universities.

“I think the law is probably about right, that is probably roughly the right age,” he went on.

“I think it’s probably about ok, but there are certainly people who are capable of giving consent at a younger age,

“I certainly consider myself to be one of them.”

GW: Tptwtb are so wishing to foist their preferences on the rest of the population. A***** obsessed with A***** especially those possessed by young innocent intelligent boys!

Pizzagate openly celebrated in UK?

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