If Labour wants to win back its Brexit-voting heartlands, it needs to help resurrect the ‘working class identity’


Gilbert @ The Independent
Most racism amounts to a fear of difference and of the unknown (often stirred up by politicians). There is an entirely separate issue of how globalization and completely open borders with no social protections can and has created environments where too many people are competing for too few resources. Competition is central to globalized capitalism but it produces a great many victims. Count yourself lucky if you’re not (yet) one of them.

Fair Dinkum
On the one hand there are people who like drinking at working men’s clubs, on the other are teetotal Labour Party supporters.

Steve Hill
Jeez, this drivel reads like a Monty Python sketch about how it were “looxury” to get into a tin bath after a day’s work, in front of a fire with one lump of coal in it.

Most people don’t even consider themselves to be members of any “class” any more, and those who do rarely pick “working” to self-identify.

Carol McPhee
Get real… it is not drivel and baths were in fact once a fortnight, all the family in the same water as there were no utilities in the house. …our slummy 2 up 2 down terrace contained four families in 1945. Relative poverty now is luxury compared to poverty then. There was however a sense of community which has gone, and was thanks to the Working Men’s clubs and the Legion. My grandad lost his legs at the Somme and the community rallied round to send my Mum to grammar school which started social mobility for our family….people do regret the loss of that spirit. I normally agree with your posts but you do not seem to grasp the totality of what the working class communities have lost, nor does Corbyn. They never asked to be multicultural and they do not like it…some are racist but some expect immigrants to integrate and not try to change the host culture. We may disagree but need to stop patronising them

One lump of coal ?You had it easy!  There were 12 of us and we used to stand around a lighted match.  Now Now.

Great idea. Replace the old community spirit with face painting, cross dressing comedians and mime artists imported from Islington.  It’s bound to go down well in Cumbria.

This is the nub of it. The working class is there okay but unwilling to follow the footsteps of their parents and vote labour whatever. They have become part of a sophisticated electorate who will adjust their vote on the basis of policies. They are rightly or wrongly scared to death of more immigration, the type of immigration, and it’s effects that they see everyday. Blackburn now has 45 mosques and they are to be overshadowed by a huge £1.3 million one.

Well once you take a country into an illegal war that got hundreds and thousands of innocent people killed and is still getting people killed today it sort of makes you a little bit, no a big bit toxic. Labour will never wash the blood of Iraq from their vile hands.

But don’t you see that was in the distant past to most labour voters, Brexit and immigration is their current concern and what that will do to their standard of living and the health service. The leadership just don’t get this either.

Repeating over and over the same old rejected arguments will not change the outcome. The left has lost the immigration argument and must now change policy to accept and implement the will of the majority or it will remain nothing more than a protest group.

What about the benefits such as working tax credits, child credits, housing, health care for them and their kids, education for the kids that immigrants get? All paid for out of the taxes paid by people on minimum wages in the jobs you mention? Pull the other one. Not to mention the unemployment benefits paid to the likes of Somalia, 80% of who are unemployed.

It hasn’t has it? It’s not only destroying the jobs market from the bottom up, it’s destroying our culture, it’s destroying our education system, it’s destroying our NHS and it’s destroying our welfare state.

Can you imagine what the NHS would be like without immigration? My last job was as a cleaner. 70 or 80% of the people I worked with were immigrants. Who else do you think would have done those jobs? By the way, the atmosphere was really great, much better than I’d ever known it with just British co-workers. I am sick of the phrase “white working-class”, as if working-class people weren’t from every culture. It’s only effect is to divide and rule us.  Not worried about those who work and contribute – they are welcome.  It’s the indolent, the beggars, the shoddy tradespeople, illegal driving frats and the criminals that we don’t want.

The left will never win back the working class support whilst in denial that it is primarily their immigration policy that has driven people away. It isn’t evil right-wingers lying to the ignorant and luring them over to the dark side. It is plain and simply policy rejection. The left has made their arguments, failed to convince and then failed to compromise in order to rediscover the middle ground, popular support and power. And if a comeback wasn’t going to be difficult enough, we also have the hard-left that is so incensed by dissenting plebs that it labels them immoral, racist and akin to the Nazis! To say it isn’t exactly endearing would be an understatement… it is political suicide.

I regret to say this, Mr Todd, but your nostalgic article epitomizes the gulf in mind-set between blinkered Londoners and people in the Midlands and the North. It’s an example of how and why Labour isn’t communicating with people who once voted for them.
I grew up in Stoke-on-Trent and we went to Blackpool every summer. The donkeys, the sand, and the pleasure beach were marvellous, but the rock was as nauseous and as tooth-rotting then as it is today. The stand-up comedians at the end of the pier were mostly as boring as hell, and even as a child I couldn’t understand why people would work for a pittance all year, only to spend their holidays trying to push a few coins over a ledge in an amusement arcade.

In their fifties, my parents finally took the bold step of going to Yugoslavia. They said it was the best holiday they’d ever had. My father also made a very telling comment, ‘I’d always thought that Britain was the best country in the world but I could see that the people in Yugoslavia seem much happier than we are in Britain’. Both my parents wished they’d gone abroad earlier and more often, instead of ‘wasting our lives away’.

Please, Mr Todd, be a little more ambitious and imaginative for the people of your home town. Do you think that, with the availability of low-cost air flights and internet search engines, offering access to excellent information sites as well as the plethora of internet trash, anybody in Britain wants to go back to working men’s clubs, an evening with Benny Hill, sticks of Brighton rock, or Skegness guest houses? Do you think they want to dig out their grand-father’s cloth cap in the loft and retrieve their ‘working-class’ identity? They’ve moved on long ago, but you appear to be stuck in a time warp. You should find out what people really think, and what they envisage for the future, instead of prescribing some out-dated remedy. Don’t be so condescending!

GW:  Afraid Mr Gilbert the Yugoslavia your parents saw was cruelly broken up by tptwtb so that certain certain ”illuminati families” could get their hands on some prime real estate in Montenegro.

A mogul’s last big deal: Peter Munk to sell Montenegro marina


Nat Rothschild throws three-day party for 40th birthday at glitzy resort in Montenegro

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/jul/08/million-pound-bash-nat-rothschild http://hellasfrappe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/rothschild-soros-octopus-over-balkans.html

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