Melbourne Car Attack Hoax, Final Nail In the Coffin [MIRROR]

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Robin, I, too knew nothing about Jewish Rituals regarding funerals. So, I looked it up. Turns out NONE of the Jewish traditions appear to have been followed in the “service” we see in this video. This is true regardless of whether this was supposed to be Orthodox, Conservative or Reform Judaism.

First, A Shomer or “watchman” stays with the deceased from the time of death until the burial. This person is NEVER permitted to be out of touch with the body. Even if one of the people in this video is the assigned Shomer, we see the casket wheeled in and out of the trap door, and NO ONE follows it.

Next, the family are kept separate from other attendees until the start of the service. They don’t mix and mingle as seen here.

Third, the rabbi (or whomever officiates) tears a piece of clothing on each family member, or a symbolic ribbon which all the mourners wear. Sometimes, the mourners themselves are allowed to tear their own clothes, or ribbons, but in this video, NO ONE is even wearing one, let alone are any torn.

Fourth, the rabbi (or whomever officiates) delivers the eulogy. Family members may be then asked to say a few words, but never to be the sole speaker as we see in this video.

There’s much more, but the point is:

This is NOT a Jewish Funeral.

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