Tony Blair Called Me Thick Part ii

‘I’m not racist or thick!’ Leaver with Bregret now MORE PRO-Brexit after Tony Blair speech

Levi B
700,000 pages of EU laws, that’s a pile of paper 63 metres high, 20,000 laws to be amended or repealed when we leave the EU and you have the nerve to say we never lost our sovereignty.

Before every interview with remainers, broadcasters should make them watch video of Cameron, Hammond, Osborne, Gisela Stewart , Boris Johnson, Rees Mogg, Ken Clarke, Kate Hoey, Mandelson and many other Labour MP’s saying if we left the EU we would automatically leave the European Court of Justice, the single market and the customs union..

Then the lying hypocrites who keep saying people weren’t told these facts would be shown up as the liars they are, including Blair of course.  Thought Rees Mogg was pro BREXIT?

It would appear Blair is as thick as he is arrogant, the wording on the referendum ballot paper made it quite clear, tick remain if you want to stay in the EU, or tick leave the EU if you want to leave. There was nothing on the ballot paper paper that said we may do deals with the EU on certain areas when we left. It was a straight IN or OUT. As for calling those that choose leave ill informed they used the same information that those who chose to remain, so they must be just as stupid. This coming from a “man” that that thinks lying to parliament is not the same as misleading parliament. He is a self serving money grabbing lying piece of excrement that put his own interests before the lives of British soldiers and should be charged with war crimes for using the British army to serve his own interests, along with Obama.

i am buying shares in the tissue industry as it must be making a bloody fourtune from the whinning remoaners.

Believe in your country and our people.
this will never lead us far from what is right.  *****

Be prepared Blair and his cohorts will try and ruin the economy, it’s the only thing left to them.  Good name for a financier Stephen.

My advice to anyone who “regrets” their decision to leave is…..just look across the water to Euro Disney.

Is anyone in doubt the Germans run this entire show? The fact that Merkel was upset when Trump told her the Germans manipulated the Euro for THEIR Benefit tells me everything I need to know.

The Greek economy has collapsed and they are TRAPPED inside a financial prison dictated to by the German High Command.

Been to London recently and see how many Italians, Spanish, Portuguese and French are working here….because their own countries have high unemployment.

Who is torching the cars and neighbourhoods in Sweden, who are the rapist of German, Swedish and Austrian women and children….those of the “peaceful” religion invited in by Merkel….the former Stazi Agent.

The more I see the more I realise that OUT will prove to be the best thing Britain ever did.

I will gladly be what ever Blair wish to call me. I voted out because of the the way EU has gone over the last few years. Blair is the thick one, time he woke up to the fact he has lost all credibility.

The ever increasing list of deluded idiots, ,although not necessarily in that order.

1 Jean-Claude Juncker
2 Tony Blair
3 Nick Clegg
4 Diane Abbott
5 Guy Verhofstadt
6 Bernard Hogan-Howe
7 David Neuberger
8 Nicola Sturgeon
9 Angela Merkel
10 John Bercow
11 Tim Farron
12 Neil Kinnock
13 Richard Branson
14 Patrick Stewart
15 Jeremy Corbyn
16 Owen Smith
17 Stephen Kinnock
18 Anna Soubry
19 Ken Clarke
20 Nicky Morgan

Michelle T
Lily Allen!

Lily Allan would be hard pressed to know what day of the week it is. So thinking about the Leave vote would be a step too far.

No regrets whatsoever. No remoaner on this earth can convince me otherwise as they don’t have a single positive argument. Also freedom of movement is a complete waste of time for most Brits and totally unsustainable.

History Buff
Just because you don’t have the skills or qualifications to be of interest to a European employer doesn’t mean you have the right to deprive those who have from taking work abroad. Not all people want to work in Brussels mate although Lyon is very nice.

Who says I don’t have the skills or qualifications, plenty of brexiteers do believe it or not? I have no issue with highly skilled immigrants coming here if we need them as long as they are 100% self sufficient and require no benefits or housing from the state BUT the majority coming here are LOW skilled so my argument is we shouldn’t be accepting these people as our own people should be getting those jobs or being made to take them. Also no one should have the right to walk in here unless there is some kind of vetting system in place or guarantee that the person has a job that is going to fully support them during their stay. What we are seeing is jobs being advertised abroad instead of here and undercutting of wages which is completely unacceptable and no employer should have that right.

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