Mandelson: The public will change its mind about BREXIT

First Bliar, now the Prince of Darkness, who next?
If the Euriners were to be believed, we would have been in economic ruin immediately after the vote…..

No we will not change our minds on Brexit because we the people have made up our minds, immigration MUST come right down “No ifs No buts” the only change will be voting out this Govt they have run out of promises.

“I suppose that migration could be reduced to satisfy xenophobic ideology”

What does a strong desire to control and reduce immigration have to do with xenophobia?

“running the risk of proving that trade policy founded on a cloth cap and whippet mentality”

Yeah, these ignorant plebs, eh? They don’t know their place any more. They need middle class socialists, who posture as being “working class”, to tell them what to think.

You are an odious, hypocritical maggot.

Yeah, we are all xenophobes because we want to control immigration. We only want to do that because we don’t like people with funny names or who eat foreign food.

You are a cret. in.

Ah well if you have to namecall……..

You mean like describing ordinary British people as having “a cloth cap and whippet mentality”?

Yeah, that is pretty offensive to working class people.

bLiar, Meddlesome & Camp bell, talk about the axis of evil…

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