Is your five minutes fame or fake. (Mirrored) The Rockno – Fakebook


Steven Jodoin
🙂 As I said, a Filipino FB Generation Sweatshop. Need to get into the names and the people who love these strange ones.

The Rockno
Whoever is doing it, they seem a bit lazy

Steven Jodoin
They’ve been told “we need numbers, lots of numbers” on 6 and 7 Feb 2017. No time to be diligent, just crank out those new Facebook Profiles and get to liking those profiles specified. Well spotted.

Steven Jodoin
They saw your video, the Addisons have been culled. Only one Addison Addison now. Definitely a very Suss person this Meesha character is. Great detective work as usual.

oz lady (edited)
19 abigails thats incredible and Addison!…meesha is quite the social media famer. THAT IS VERY INTERESTING. Other hoaxes in USA Boston Bombings etc. there is a huge link to the American ”that crazy wrap thing” lots of the Actors also in ”Wrap thing” promos. here s here twitter 1 photo for the 3 years she’s been on and only deleted youtubes she s made and kiddy ones she’s added. VERY STRANGE GIRL I agree! she’s got her number in that oil of Morroco site. I’ll give her a ring tomorrow

GW:  Mi Mi Mi – Meesha Rhodes eh?  Any relation to Beverly Rhodes of 7/7 fame by any chance?  Those Rhodes’s – They love the fakery game.

7/7 Bomb survivor saved from trauma by a horse

”The divorced mum of four adult daughters still visits Alan but now rides three times a week on her own near her home in Ashford, Kent.”

meesha and all her Abigail’s are fake as ….. end of.

PeeKay TRUTH UPDATE 2/20/17 [HELLO’COP-ters] in the SKIES over Melbourne [their MAYOR TAKES the 5th]

Witness to Melbourne Hoax OFF DUTY THAT DAY


Breaking smoking gun evidence of Melbuorne staging a terror event?

Zarko Vukelic
”I did not Narrate any of this footage, I want you to come to your own conclusions. pay attention to the blue lady at

5:35 in the video

directing the crime scene. Watch this video to the end you will be amazed by what you can see in slow motion. Is this the smoking gun, damning footage of actual staging.”

GW:  If this is the director and it is a ”lady” then she could also be the same one ID’ed by ”Chinada3” as ”Bootie Lady” wearing black pants and white top.  In another scene there is a blue jacket discarded by a tree.  Did she take the blue jacket off after the donuts scene and chuck it on the pavement by ”beached whale” actress?  Hmmm

Gary Oke Interview with Neil Mitchell relive Melbourne’s Bourke street attack

smoke n mirrors

Melbourne Car Attack FAKE – “Victim” is Actually a USA Dentist RELATED to an Isla Vista Fake Victim?

NowTheTruth TV11

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