Billionaire George Soros tries to block EU member plans to take power BACK from Brussels

Look it up people …….
– Coudenhove-Kalergi a project which would be led by European and American aristocrats and influential families, and ‘organised Jewry’ from the shadows, manipulating the political processes which lead to it.

The best way to achieve this is mass uncontrolled immigration, to homogenise the population and erode the power of national, ethnic or religious identity. The resulting masses will be busy infighting (ethnic strife and poverty) to resist creeping totalitarianism, and over time, a more mixed populace will be more malleable and therefore controllable, and a new ‘European’ identity will emerge. There is also an element of Eugenics (a theory very popular with the aristocracy and academia of the time) – people like Coudenhove-Kalergi believed that a mongrel race would be degenerate and stupid, therefore more controllable – whereas he specifically cites the interbreeding of the Jewish race as one of the reasons why they are superior.

It´s about time this Draculean globalist crawls back in his slimy tomb. He has done enough damage to humanity. He is one of the key figures guilty of the pandemic Muslim invasion of Europe,which is still continuing. He belong behind bars. Surprised Trump has not caught him yet. Tony Blair belong to the same elite and should share the neighboring tomb before doing any more damage. The majority of the UK population hates him.

Has anyone noticed how things we once couldn’t mention on here such as Common Purpose, New World Order and Bilderberg, without being moderated are now being allowed? It seems that the DE has given up on silencing us and suddenly realised how aware people are of what Soros is doing.

this b*****d helped to send countless of hungarians jews to their deaths during the war to save his own skin and he is still walking the streets why mossad has never taken him out is i will never know.

The kind of creature George Soros is…

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