Sounds Like Lucyfers

edward kennedy
I expect Peter is free from the claws of the unethical brigade (those who set out to deceive, by labelling people as “mad”). Using mental health laws to gag people with, should itself be a criminal offence under Terrorism Acts.

PeeKay TRUTH UPDATE 2/18/17 -My Thoughts on Melbourne,its Liar Mayor &[80mm-200mm Telephoto Lenses]

Chinada3 ToasterOven

Steven Jodoin
Mayor is Robert Doyle . . . Masonic P o S and now on Stress Leave for all the Lying!

Mogwai Hunter
Cab 9393 = Crowley Do what thou wilt theme as usual. Flight 93. Hoax magic.

The Taxi company in Melbourne is Yellow Cabs (13CABS) You should be able to find out somehow who was driving the Cab at that time. Maybe go through lost property or something but if you ask the right questions, hopefully they can put you in contact with the owner of 9393

The one thing I have noticed after watching all these Melbourne HOAX vids countless times is that by the side of almost every single body we see on the floor there is a water bottle. And EVERY SINGLE water bottle we see is exactly the same brand and size. Wow, what are the chances?

Seems every single phoney, fake show is sponsored by a bottled water company! PMSL

Che Tafoya
@ 13:24 / 13:25 image of cameraman in reflection of glass door. White button up long sleeve with collar black pants appears to be holding camera phone. maybe 5’8″. can’t see face. slim to medium build. Great video. love your channel. Rock on bro 😀

Victoria Government Now Robbing Its People Via FAKE Melbourne Car Attack


& this Hoax made over $1 Million

A further message to the Victoria police in Melbourne and the Australian government. With regard to your arrest of the investigator Peter Kusznir It appears that he may have justification for action against you. There is a strong suspicion that the person Mr. Kusznir was phoning about may not actually exist. If that were the case it would not be possible for him to interact with her in any way and there could be no justification for his arrest. Wrongful arrest in fact for which he could and should take action against you. He may also have a case with regard to the inhuman way he was treated by the arresting officers. It would be useful and an indication of integrity if you were to publish the name of the homicide detective who first contacted Mr. Kusznir and the names of the two arresting officers. You should have no objection to this if they were acting legitimately, and as servants of the public they should not expect anonymity in their dealings with the public. Fraud and embezzlement of public funds also spring to mind as possible offences. In fact why not go the whole hog and publish the names of all the Victoria police officers and government officials involved in the Melbourne car incident and their roles.

The quickening of hoaxes, fake laws, global gov agenda, escalate
genocides, war positioning…”they” want to de-pop, they want us to kill
each other while they sit back. Don’t let them win their psychopathic
game, they are the very few, it’s up to humanity to decide, to consent
to take control of THEM…OR it’s ALL over. No crap. Shun and ridicule
and shame the apathetic, our children’s futures are hell, if they even
survive much longer. ALL from the very top, to these low level complicit
dupes are war criminals and the war is for keeps and on ALL of US, ALL
of humanity. This is a crossroads for humanity, here and now. The people
either get savvy street smart to whom their mortal enemy truly is, face
it, or perish, and do each other in as programmed…break the program,
or there is no future for ALL but the “controllers”. “They” have
absolutely no authority, power, and cannot do in humanity, play acting
everything without the “belief” of the masses to manifest the agenda...
tell a dumbed downer… stop it freak, you are the problem! Menace.
Peace and may we ALL get through this less the globalist fakes, by any
label, they made it ALL up anyway.

Their “reality” is ALL just a Perception Deception. All parasites need a host – Stop hosting them and UNPLUG – It REALLY is that simple – BE the change you want to see and experience!

UNHEXED (edited)
AAron Russo told us THE TRUTH before he “contracted” cancer shorty after talking about his buddy Nick. All waking souls need to hear his message.

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