Tony Blair Called Me Thick Part i

‘I’m not racist or thick!’ Leaver with Bregret now MORE PRO-Brexit after Tony Blair speech

BlondBlair pic Courtesy Daily Mail.

BlondBlair pic Courtesy Daily Mail.

a person
By the way please read and act.
Please e mail Lord Stoddart of Swindon (easily googled), he is an ardent Brexiteer and campaigned in the ’70’s to get us out of the Common Market as it was called then.
He is our advocate in the Lords and needs support via e mails to say please allow Article’50 through the Lords without amendments.
Apparently he is getting Remain e mails trying to get him to Block Article’50.  lol they don’t realise he’s a staunch Brexiteer, they must be e mailing every Lord, he needs E mails from Leave voters to wave in the Lords. To “fight our corner”.

Joker Blair

Blair ”The Joker”

It has been fourteen years (15 February 2003) since around a million citizens rose up against Tony Blair’s war machine. Tony Blair ignored the largest protest ever seen in this country, and now he has the gall to tell us to rise up because a referendum didn’t go the way he wanted it to.

Any club that would still have Tony Blair as a member and spokesman isn’t worth joining.

Maybe the gentleman is not thick or racist – but bliar certainly is. Thing is, his racial prejudices are focussed against indigenous Brits.

UKC 16 Dec 2014 Blair (2)Clay26
The Iraq war is just one of the many crimes this man is guilty of.

He should be behind bars and not drinking in them.

Tony Blair is worried, his European job in brussels is looking no existent. That’s the only thing he is looking for!

the real tony blairDavidR2
It is chilling to hear tony blair using the phrase “rise up” it is like he is summoning his master the devil.  Anything this b@stard says should be safely ignored.  He was thinking of Wendi Deng when he talked about ‘‘rising up”.

I knew EXACTLY what I was voting for. No one lied to me (I thought at the time), I listened to them, took on board what they had to say, researched both sides of the Argument, debated with friends, family and people on social media and again researched what I was being told and I voted to leave!
I have no regrets and would do the same again tomorrow, however, I would not listen to the likes of Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Alan Sugar David Cameron or George Osborne and the Ryanair bloke (who incidentally, since Brexit is Launching 3 new routes from Newquay Cornwall in the Summer of 2017, with New routes To Faro, Alicante and Frankfurt Hahn, even though he as just tried to tell us otherwise) again, to name but a few, because everything they said was a LIE and ALL have gone on and made massive amounts of money since we voted to leave

Is this Tony Blair

Blair shape shifts for his master.

Government need to stop his tax payer funded security after this, then someone will give him and his awful wife what they deserve, it’s lunacy, he’s no longer in Government

Tom Billesley
Wishing for someone to be physically attacked is going too far. These 2 have done some pretty dark stuff including handing over their own daughter to be raped by Cheney they say.

Ben Lennox
Hold on. I just saw through it. This bast*rd WANTS us to get wound up, and create splits in society. Yes, there will be idiots who un-democratically try to change the Brexit course. However we Brexiteers must remain (I hate that word) / must stay calm. Don’t let him get to you. Be loyal to the U.K. and talk down anyone who talks ‘Remain’.
Last of all, keep writing to your M.P.s and the newspapers. Make your voices heard.

Absolutely.  Tptwtb are playing poker with UK Electorate and this is the ”bliar bluff card” they hope will make us ”fold”.



Another view
Democracy does not start and end with an advisory referendum.

A H H Esq
Does that include the referendum that told us we were joining a trading bloc when we first became members of the EU?

That is a card we still hold. Legally it could mean that one totally cancels out the other, which would make us totally free from all EU illegal diktats – including our fishing grounds which were stolen.

We keep hearing about these disastrous consequences that would turn the public against Brexit if they knew of them – given the huge scaremongering campaign which virtually promised us the four horseman of the Apocalypse riding across the landscape one wonders what they are and why Blair and co can’t be more specific spelling them out. Rather like the ‘lies’ of the Brexit campaign which generally boils down to semantics over the NHS money and guff about the single market.

STOKE was a 71% vote LEAVE constituency.
Labour are dead in the water and they know it.

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