Tptwtb Are Now Using ”Backdoor Entry” For Their Globalist Trade Deals

With Ton-ee so much in the news just now it’s quite possible.  Trump & Theresa Trade Deal = TTTD.  Is that some new kind of S&M?  What’s Theresa wear to these ”meetings?”  Leather trousers sewn from BoJo’s erm …….. Theresa wears necro pants?????  Good Lord!  GW!  Is that you Gideon?  Yes it IS GW.  Yes it is and I am thinking that the ToriCons are driving you – ”bat **** crazy”.  Gideon didn’t you say you were going out to the baker’s for some granary baps?  Yes GW I did.  It was Bliar going on about ”rising up” that did it.

Inside the macabre witchcraft museum displaying ‘corpse trousers’ made of human skin

Forget The Shining & Scream & Bliar Witch Project, with Theresa May as PM the UK has invented a completely new Horror Genre.

May 20 2016

Cameron forced into ‘major climbdown’ over NHS TTIP deal

17 January 2017

Theresa May: Embracing The World (Order)

Avec ”Mistress of the Revels May,” Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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