Sweden needs to RAISE TAXES to fund migrants, MP reveals as ‘integration DOESN’T work’


Bloody Hell! Talk About The “White Man’s Burden”! As If Europe And Britain Don’t Give Enough Now! And These Are The People The Governments Of Europe Are Depending On To Take Care Of Their Future Budgets! HA! HA! HA! HA!

So the Swedes are expected to pay more in tax to house, feed and keep the immigrants in their country that the people don’t want? Epic disaster anytime very soon!

average voter
It’s like putting up notices stating: ‘No dogs permitted on beach’ Stupid councils, dogs can’t read, they do what comes natural.

Taxes will rise only in Sweden? Think again. It will happen in all Eu Countries
who took in Migrants. Count on it! Plus any other conceivable way your
Politicians can think of. Who else is going to pay? YOU good People.
What a freaking Mess….and then some.

Trevor Ammanford
There was a program on Russian TV last night and they couldn’t believe there were “no go” areas for British people in towns in Britain.

The governments have failed with the redistribution of wealth, as was the attempt with globalisation, and are now promoting the free movement of people as being the solution. The idea being people who want a better life move to more affluent countries.

But whilst governments ignore the Tax havens of the corporations and individuals, adopt protectionist measures there will be even larger numbers of people arriving at our doors.  The answer cannot be the free movement of people as cultural differences will cause civil unrest.

hmm only 9 years too employ half of them?  I think your still trying to kid people 500 out of 160k of them have found employment so far since 2013 that’s an average of 125 annually or 1125 in 9 years time at the current going rate which hasn’t increased at all

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One Response to Sweden needs to RAISE TAXES to fund migrants, MP reveals as ‘integration DOESN’T work’

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    Even if integration works you still need to raise taxes for Social Services!

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