UK Column News 17th February 2017 – Trump to BBC “… that’s another beauty…”

Thanks to ”George the Greek Trucker” for the upload.

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and David Ellis for today’s news including:

START Blair is back
02:39 A look at UK parliamentary EU sub committees
08:45 The Munich Security Conference – annual geopolitical theatre
14:30 G20 minister meeting sees Tillerson and Lavrov meet
16:50 The new chair of the BBC board – who is he and how was he appointed?
19:35 The fake media response to that Trump press conference
22:30 Fake: “terrifying” footage of new Russian jet
28:30 MoD to “opt out” of common law system?
32:25 The Times attack on Andrew Wakefield continues
36:45 The state of child protection in Ireland – links to the Docherty case
47:00 £40 million UK government package for child sexual exploitation

“Post-Truth, Post-West, Post-Order?” The Munich Security Report 2017 Trailer

”The threats to the international order in what MSC Chairman Wolfgang Ischinger described as an “illiberal moment.”” He thinks that because a large amount of the EU population want stable societies underpinned by law & order plus honest trading & government that we are somehow ”illiberal”????

Gez501 (edited)
I saw Trump’s STREAMING Press Conference yesterday and saw what President Trump thinks of the BBC. Awesome. I have also seen what Theresa May is doing with Brexit and I am terrified. I don’t trust her one inch. She is selling us down the river. She is negotiating our Military over to the EU Army, even if technically we have “left the EU.” She is betraying us. I commented in the DM comments asking her “What was she doing discussing our MIlitary away. I had more RED ticks than I did GREEN ones. I don’t believe the result. Government shills were basically saying “Move on. Nothing happening here.” Are the PEOPLE really that UNAWARE what May is doing, even “has done”, with our Military already?.

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