Tony Blair – F~~~ Off – Excuse my French!

  …. someone has to say it.

Rethink Brexit Tony? Bliar cannot walk the streets of England yet thinks he can persuade us to change our minds to his. Oh Tony, bring it on; we look forward to you coming to speak to the public, in person!

Tony Blair calls for people to ‘rise up’ against Brexit:

Whatever the presstitute BBC or PM Theresa May Brexit She May Not tell you…. the only intent by the UK govt. to leave the ridiculous €U is in name only. A fully integrated €U-UK military is n the making:

Exclusive: EU To Take Control Of British Nuclear Deterrent:

SDI: Overview of the accelerating EU absorption of the British Military to form the EU Military and a ‘nuclear defence shield’

Please share this post and image and send a message to Tony. The PDF file by David Ellis should be given to your MP.

‘I’m NOT to blame’ Blair insists Brexit ISN’T due to his failure to control EU


Yogi Capone
Tony B Liar is back, putting Chilcot to one side yes Tony you are responsible for open door immigration, first you argued against phased immigration, then emails intercepted from your team proved you knew UK had de facto open door immigration on your watch and that it was hoped it would ‘ change’ the landscape of UK, so the weaponisation of immigration also started on your watch, in addition you gave away half the rebate from EU Thatcher won and got nothing from EU in return. You are a dyed in the wool stooge for the globalist banking interests behind EUSSR project, and like Mandelson it has paid you very well.

Brexit Billy Bob

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Do not be fooled by Blair again people, this is 2017 not 1997

Google Tony Blair’s dirty little Secrets 2004 Just scroll down past photos

Mr Blair’s resolution not to introduce transitional migration controls on former communist countries increased unwanted economic immigration. Perhaps he thought wide open doors would only attract wealthy investors into UK industry? Quite how he thinks he can bluff his way out of that fact is of no interest to anyone except himself.

Have you noticed that establishment politicians never take responsibility for their actions…. it is always someone’s else fault or something…with Clinton it was , twitter, the Russian, and Duffy duck..

The top ten deluded idiots, ,although not necessarily in that order.

1 Jean-Claude Juncker
2 Tony Blair
3 Nick Clegg
4 Diane Abbott
5 Guy Verhofstadt
6 Bernard Hogan-Howe
7 David Neuberger
8 Nicola Sturgeon
9 Angela Merkel
10 John Bercow

happy to be in the UK

In 2004 when the A8 new members joined the EU, countries like Germany immediately put a work permit system in place for 7 years until 2011 to restrict these new members getting work in their country. The UK was one of 3 members (Eire & Denmark) under Blair put no restrictions in place, all other members used a work permit system. Our population is 6 years younger than Germany’s because of this mass immigration.
When the EU migrants came, we had no check of criminals, sex offenders and we all know workers that use a European plate to avoid tax and car insurance for years.
Was Blair responsible? YES it was done on his watch that was the start of mass immigration to the UK.

So you are not to blame – just like the honours for cash scandal, the scandal involving you regarding children where you issued a D – Notice resulting in a gag order on the press from publishing the details, those poor soldiers you killed – again this was not your fault?

Yes absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this massive soviet style social engineering pogrom while he was in office, as witnessed by Mendelsohn, of course not. The bloke’s in total denial again. People should never forget Nu Labour and all their vile works; never, never, never!

Squire Western
Not to blame eh? This is the man who thought it would be funny to ‘rub the Tories’ noses in diversity’ – no doubt assuming at the time that there was nothing we could do about it. Blair is almost singlhandedly responsible for the destruction of the Labour Party by setting up the devolved administration in Edinburgh and letting the SNP genie out of the bottle, coupled with his insolent metropolitan bien-pensant arrogance. His ‘rubbing of our noses in diversity’ is also a major factor in the ‘leave’ vote at the referendum. (Which he may hate, but will never be able to prevent).

Isn’t that almost exactly what he said in his response to the Chilcott report? Does he ever accept responsibility for anything he does?

The ultimate narcisist ! Arrogant denying t o s s e r ! He has destroyed the UK and he is too pigheaded to admit it ! Then again has he ever heard of the r a p i n g culture of his friends invited into the UK to Rotherham, Telford, Rochdale and Tower Hamlets where we have officially a banana republic voting system for 3rd world immigrants to use ? Has he waited in an A & E for 12 hrs with his kid on a stretcher! You know what, I can’t waste any more words on this reptile, I need a bucket to throw up in !

killing-of-tbJust Checking
Watch TV Movie

“The Killings of Tony Blair”

The movie shows that Blair behaved exactly like a Mexican Drugs Cartel Boss.

I suspect the bilderberger group are sponsoring him, he laid pretty low until the whitewash of Iraq passed over, now he is in full force, a despicable entity.

How dare he ask people to “rise up”. The decision to leave was taken by formal referendum. I think the man should be put in jail. Saying this is the same as telling people to revolt when a general election has been held and the losing side don’t wish to stand down. Total chaos. Put him away.

You are NOT blameless. YOUR POLICY of INTERFERENCE in middle eastern squabbles has led to the DEATH of WESTERN WORLD PEACE. You quite clearly mis-stated the truth and took us to war with false assumptions. If you are a true Catholic – as you claim to be – then you will burn in hell for your crusading crimes. Let the devil take you and may God have NO mercy on your blood-stained soul. Apart from that Have a nice day – hope it’s your last..
Helen Shapiro – Not Responsible

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