Large meteor crash off Queensland Coast

27 September 2016


A Nasa image showing a meteor streaking across the sky in the United States. On Monday night people on Boyne Island in central Queensland reported a loud boom in the night sky Photograph: NASA/EPA

”A spokesperson for Geosciences Australia confirmed there had been a “tremor” around Gladstone about 8.30pm on Monday and that it wasn’t caused by an earthquake.”

westernswampfrog 27 Sep 2016 1:39
And no-one saw this coming? Twice I have seen an extremely large orange burning ‘something’ in the southern sky in Hobart and both times I think it was late in the month of June, or July (need to check records) in 2015 and 2016. I looked up various sites on net and found no reports of this orange object. This object must have been massive to look so big and the second time I saw one it was bigger…lower I presume, before it burnt out. I assume this was some space junk-satellites burning up through the troposphere or stratosphere or wherever things get hot on re-entry. I am a bit concerned about all that shite up there, what’s in it, and what is falling, and where it is scheduled to fall. No alert was made to Australia that I know of, that something was coming down over our country…(Tasmania is part of Australia!) Bit rude really.

14 February 2017

Large sinkhole appears in £400m Liverpool docks project

M Coyote
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