Are you ready for the new car tax rules? Major changes to the system could mean most will fork out more

”For new car owners, the rules that kick in on April 1, will mean seven out of 10 face forking out more thanks to the revised Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) tax bands.”

The thieves in government take very close to £50 billion from road users every year via taxes for your vehicle and fuel taxes, they spend close to £9 billion on road repairs which is nowhere near enough .

Just what are they doing with the other £40 billion every year its crazy money and they should explain this , working people are struggling to get to work and feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads .

Disgusting UK once again.

Yet another scam done by “Organised Crime” AKA as the Government. When will folk wake up and realise that their time on earth is spent working to ensure comfortable lifestyles for the rich and powerful. Let the little man pay is their motto. They steal from the rest of us and enshrine it in law.

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