‘Follow our lead!’ European leader Alexander Van der Bellen(d) says EU must be political ‘model for the entire world’


1,2,3,4,5,6, segments @ EUP. How interesting. ‘Follow our lead!’ European leader Alexander Van der Bellen says EU must be political ‘model for the entire world’


The ungagged
The EU is a direct copy of the USSR where a small group of UNELECTED people have all the power. this has the effect of REMOVING from the people any say in what their future holds. We are back to being peasants without a vote in reality.

This is why they are called the EUSSR.

Even Gorbachev was amazed that the EU was following the FAILED USSR model. Now this joker is so far up his own backside he is impervious to the massive MESS they have created.

Without even mentioning migrants was freedom of movement an issue before all the relatively poor east europeans were allowed in ?. Does he consider why the economic powerhouses like Ukraine, Bosnia and Albania are in the queue to join. Could it be the free money because surely that will disappear when Britain leaves.

Does he think therefore that the USA would be a member of an American group where a bunch of UNELECTED South American despots would be running the show WITHOUT recourse to the people ?

This bloke shows how deluded these EU supporters are. Austria is a country HE governs that has just had to close their borders to stop millions of migrants flooding in yet he seems to think the rest of the world would do well to copy.
How bonkers can you get ?

Once More Unto The Breach
I guess current affairs are not big on the agenda in the Brussels echo chamber.

What planet does this man come from. Oh yes, Planet Clegg!

This man is surely called rip van winkle he has just woken from a 100year sleep, does he not watch the news or read the papers, the eu is in total meltdown and if anyone follows it they must need mental help

The ungagged
Maybe he watches BBC and SKY news.
According to them there is NO migrant crisis and NO riots in Paris.

The ungagged
Well the EU army is NOT going to be used against Russia is it ?
It will be too full of Italians and Frenchies for a start. The intention is to use it on the streets of member states against ANYONE who threatens the EU elite.

Yes indeed. A perfect model of cultural decimation, economic failure, criminality and abject failure. Yes….just what the world needs.

GW:  One usually uses something which works properly as a model – surely.

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