Farmer who snuck hundreds of migrants into France fined THOUSANDS but vows to help MORE in


Nassim Abdel Magied wearing ”the uniform of the tribe” as well.  Minus the beard of course.

Humanitarian ideology is the nazism and communism of our time. The masterrace of humanitarian ideology is the 3.rd world “victims” with the right to our countries. With human rights law it has transformed our nation states with rule of law into geographical areas for humanity. We were never asked -this has no legitimacy.

Hope this smirking mo Ron doesn’t come face to face with the Parisians who are hiding in their homes from rioting violent migrants in the streets. He should be imprisioned.

GW: This ”farmer” is wearing the usual dissident ”uniform”.

Asylum seeker ‘on the run’ after woman savagely stabbed to death

Levi B
How can deliberately stabbing somebody numerous times in the head, neck and breast be manslaughter? What does one have to do to be charged with murder in Germany? Is it to keep the true number of asylum seeker murders under wraps?

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