The Presuminati STILL Furious About The BREXIT Vote

Austrian president brands Brexit voters THICK and CRAZY in extraordinary Brussels rant

GW:  Yep that’s it mate the BREXITEERS e.g. Librarians, Barristers, Teachers, IT Geeks, Etc all as thick as 2 short planks.

‘Platform for MILLIONAIRE ACTORS’ Backlash as stars use BAFTAs to bash Trump and Brexit

Fry says “I look down”… yes indeed he does, especially if you are one of his African house-boys!

Stan Dalone
They are wealthy peddlers of garbage. I’d rather sit and listen to an A&E nurse telling me how tough it is to treat a room full of immigrants that can’t speak a word of English.

It is democracy – and the liberal luvvies just abhor it because it is not THEIR preferred form of democracy. It appears now that there is a new phenomenon – ‘let’s criticise and make fun of Trump and Brexit and let’s use a media platform such as an awards event, where mediocre luvvies receive tacky awards from their mediocre peers. And it seems that you will be shunned as a ‘social leper’ should you not criticise. And now they’re all jumping on the bandwagon – even pompous Gary Lineker who was only ever skilled at hitting the net from 5 yards out

David of Edinburgh
They have no constituency other than in the detached world of fiction they occupy. Or as Plato in describing actors put it more bluntly, a world of ‘untruth. In short these drivel spewing mediocrities spout lies.

“…a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

Macbeth, Act 5 Scene 5.

GW:  Yes Mr Fry – we know the cabalistic nature & meaning of QI – the program you fronted for many years and it ain’t pretty.  Tell us what the Q really represents Steve.  The over smug Fry should endeavour to keep himself more relevant to current trends or his unworthy income might start drying up.

Hopefully Hollyweird’s days are now numbered as those who have paid good money in the past to this degenerate crowd start to wake up and stop paying for MSM productions.  Much better to fund & patronise independent filmmakers.

IMF’s Lagarde admits she’s ‘worried’ about European populist backlash

Why should we listen to Legarde. The crook should be in jail. She was only saved by her EU Commission friends

how the hell s she even still allowed to work at imf after she got found guilty of fraud

She’s a puppet, that’s how – politicians don’t run anything, it’s the financiers & bankers who control globalism. They have enough problems at the moment, without losing a key figure, regardless of how outrageous it appears…

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