Tories’ U-turn on social care would force the elderly to sell their homes

No Money for the forces
No money for the NHS
NO money for care in the community
NO Money No Money that is all we hear from the government so why can they find money for; Aid money………… 1.3. billion going to china to help look after their elderly. What is the difference between China and Britain? China are a rich country we are not. Our taxes taken by our government should be used here at home on our people first. It is ok to help those less off but let’s get this right and start here in our own country. Sort ourselves out and then we can help others.

There seems to be no incentive to do the right thing in life….save, get your own house, live reasonably healthy, don’t rely on the state and taxed to death … the end you lose the lot. If you’ve lived a life on benefits, and abused yourself it’s all free….result.

There is no incentive is there? others from far-flung places get it all for free, while we who have paid into this country along with our families for generations are put on the back burner .

This traitorous, treacherous government imports many inbreds with low IQs, schizophrenic tendencies and health problems adding massively to our overburdened NHS and to boot will never integrate.

Now the establishment betrays the very people who have been loyal citizens who have worked hard all their lives and paid massive taxes into the system (and seen it wantonly squandered on undeserving foreign aid and outrageous benefits) only to be told you are going to be further penalised for your hard-working loyalty.

I hope one day these treacherous so-called leaders will be brought to account.

Why the h e l l should an elderly person, who is British born, and also my Father-in-law now 88 years of age, be forced to sell his home he himself built 65 years ago, to pay for his own care should he require it, when :-

He has worked and paid taxes and insurance all his life ?
Out of these taxes and insurances paid, many other people, some of them foreign immigrants, have benefited from them, and may not have necessarily worked themselves, or if they have worked they have been employed in low skilled jobs that have taken very little taxation from them.? Some of these people may also have produced very large families, and have been a burden to the state for many years already, and will continue to be a burden to the state indefinitely, in many instances, especially the Islamic, multi partner kind, with hoardes of sprogs.

My elderly Father-in-law has two Sons and Grandchildren of his own, and it is his wish to leave the property to his own family. Believe me that is what he fully intends to do, and we as a family will do everything to make sure this becomes a reality. No way is he ever going into care, he will be looked after and his estate will pass down to the rightful beneficiaries, NOT scrounging invaders from foreign shores. The property will NOT be sold to pay for his care, so that the government can then save money to give FREE CARE TO SCROUNGING FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS RECENTLY ARRIVED IN THE UK, OR THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN HERE DECADES LIVING OFF THE STATE.

You get what you put into life, if you have put nothing in, you should have no right to take anything out.

I am sick to the back teeth of our own elderly people now being called all the names under the sun for simply growing old, and being expected to pay for their care in their time of need when they have already spent a lifetime working and paying into the state.

I am also sick to the back teeth of foreign health tourists dropping into the UK to steal millions of pounds worth of healthcare that they have never paid towards and have no entitlement to.

The cost to the UK is estimated to be in the region of £280 – £300 million every year, it’s disgusting. They also say that every year at least 50,000 foreign immigrant pregnant women come to the UK to drop sprogs and then the tax payer is forced to pick up the bill.
A Nigerian women called Pricilla, aged 43, somehow managed to gain access to IVF treatment in her own Country, then after conceiving quads jumped on a plane to Chicago in the US, hoping she could save herself a fortune by giving birth there. She apparently had family already living there, so she assumed it would be an automatic human right to freeload off the American tax payer. However, the US authorities refused her entry as she did not have the paperwork to prove that she was eligible to receive a Hospital delivery and care. After even being refused entry to the US, let alone the right to claim free healthcare, she flew to Heathrow, and bingo she struck the jackpot. Pricilla was admitted to two different Hospitals to deliver her quads after she rather conveniently went into labour after arriving in the UK. Two of them did not survive, but the other two were delivered and she stayed in Hospital for some weeks, the sprogs were in very expensive neo natal care. After running up a bill of £500,000 she laughed when told she would need to pay the bill, and stated that she did not have any money, and also said “my babies lives are priceless, its only money anyway”

She is now discharged and living in a Hostel with the two sprogs, paid for by a charity. Her Husband is back in Nigeria too poor to raise the money to fly over to the UK.…….TOTALLY DISGUSTING AND THE SOONER WE STAMP THIS ABUSE OUT THE BETTER, OTHERWISE OUR NHS WILL COLLAPSE.

I do not believe that anymore money should be pumped into the NHS until we can provide a large flotilla of boats and air defence around our 11,000 mile coastline to keep out these parasites, otherwise they will just keep arriving to steal welfare handouts, housing, NHS treatment, Schooling, Dentistry, and all other manner of assistance that is now being withheld from our own British citizens.

There is going to be civil w a r on the streets of the UK if the Government does not block these thieves from landing on our shores to steal whatever they can get their hands on. It must also either stop or reduce considerably the foreign aid give away, especially to large superpower nations like China, and large Countries like India and Pakistan. China has immense wealth, India has its own space programme, and Pakistan is rich in natural resources, with a large Army. Its people are currently lining up to draw out from cash machines welfare benefits paid for by British tax payers, and it’s not necessarily the poor ones that have access to this money. It’s a very corrupt Country and certain people manage to get hold of these cash cards by paying bribes/back handers to corrupt officials.


dear fightingspirit you have described this now third world country run by traitorous money grabbing so-called politicians who seem to think its ok to ship hoards of unwanted scroungers into this country then have the cheek to blame every crisis of the elderly perfectly thank you

Fine, as long as those with no assets don’t get free care.

Angry Button
Not for free, they’ve likely paid tax and NI all their working lives.

People who have made a point of taking drugs, drinking to their heart’s content and generally spending their wages before they have received them are always the FIRST people to approve the elderly have their homes removed to pay for their care ! Sorry but I will spend the money from mine first and do what the rest do, throw myself on the state when it is all gone, after all it seems to be the fashion amongst the mouthy left these days !!

Elderly have to support themselves it’s a F pity they don’t say that to the lllegal migrants and immigrants that come here. So the people who have paid their taxes and national insurance all their lives are now being told to support themselves. what a rotten evil government this is. They don’t mind financing all the migrants that are coming in, but the people who have paid in the most will now receive the least. This is bloody diabolical and unfair, i will burn my house down before any F government gets their greedy hands on my house. If you paid us a livable f pension we may be able to finance help ourselves. You treat our troops like cannon fodder and you treat the elderly no better than wild dogs. You’re a F disgrace.

They did the same to American elderly , after mom had her stroke they told us to put her in nursing home to let her die, then said they needed a list of all assets, checkbook, savings, etc., So they wanted both of her houses, all cars, trucks, boats, … the rub …. Retired school teacher, so she worked all her life, father retired military was promised he and spouse would have healthcare for life, mom had taken out suppplemental insurance in case an event like a stroke happened. They were telling us it was not enough and needed everything she owned. We did not put her in nursing home, she is not brain-dead like they said. She use dto speak three languages, she only speaks two now. She dresses herself, cleans, bathes and does yoga almost everyday… does that sound like a person who was brain dead and there was no hope for? They are vultures, horrible filthy vultures, selling out our elderly while giving illegals everything for free, are they kidding me?! So sick of the filth in politics.


Sounds just like the UK, our Prime Minister Theresa May is a Moslem lover and believes that elements of Sharia Law are good for Britain. Moslems can bring in multiple partners, and each one of them is permitted to claim every benefit and hand out going, in their own right as single women because the UK like the US does not recognise multiple marriages. Only the first partner is recognised as the Wife, the others are partners. At first they were not entitled to claim as much as the Wife, but our dear government brought in new laws so that they can all now claim the same handouts, as it was seen as discrimination to pay the first partner more than the other three.

Each partner also gets a separate house for their individual families of sprogs. The Moslem men can also nip back abroad, find another virgin partner, bring them in and they too will be entitled to parasite off the backs of British people. They really take the p i s s. This Country is totally bonkers that’s why the entire third world wants to come here. They know that they will be allowed to claim asylum, very few will be deported, and even if they lose the claim they just keep appealing and the tax payer foots the bill too. This can go on for years and they invariably manage to overturn any rejection. The more sprogs they drop out the more cash they claim. The male Moslem also lives off welfare and goes between his wives/partners servicing each one. He must under Islamic Law spend equal amounts of time with each family, and must provide for them. (thats a joke, it’s the tax payer that provides for them all, filthy, vile, brainwashed, inbreeding parasites. They say Allah will provide, and what makes me really angry is when some of them claim Job Seekers Allowance, they call it Jihadi’s Seekers Allowance. They never actually find work apart from teaching the Koran.

One of the Moslems who was doing this was taken to court because he was using it as an excuse to sexually fiddle with female children he taught. Other Moslems were employing him to come into their homes to give their kids lessons. He did not touch the male children though, he was definitely only after females, and had a track record of sexually abusing young females. He should have received a lengthy custodial sentence, (a white non-Moslem would have been locked up, but because he was a Mozzie and his partners could not speak any English, and they said they could not manage without him, he got off with a minimal 90 hour community work order, totally disgusting.

50% of Moslem men do not work and 75% of females are also unemployed.. Every country they invade they bleed the welfare and healthcare systems dry like a plague of locusts. They are the most disgusting creatures on the planet. Many of them have been claiming benefits for decades, and will NEVER WORK. They also tend to claim disability handouts because of their filthy inbreeding which produces very sick mentally and physically genetically abnormal offspring.

Only today an Iraqi Kurd with his Wife and two kids finally managed to sneak into the UK in the back of a lorry hidden amongst Oreo Biscuits, they had handed over £18,000 to traffickers to get them in. They even drugged the two kids, one just three months old whilst hidden in the lorry incase the kids cried out and the sleeping lorry driver woke up. They were refused entry to Norway, and after staying in the Calais camp in France where they should also have claimed Asylum but refused to because they wanted to come to the UK they finally managed to get to welfare benefits haven. They have even said they specifically want to go to Bradford to join relatives already there. These people are pure evil parasites and should be thrown out. Beggars cannot be choosers, but it does not seem to apply to Moslems.

They have bypassed many safe nations before arriving in the UK, it’s disgraceful.

Who Cares? The Dog Eating Chinese’s Elderly Are Being Handed Millions!!! And The Illegals Who “Arrive” Are Treated Like Visiting Royalty! Nothing Is Too Good For A Bunch Of Scrounging Breeders!! So What Are You Complaining About? You Have Only Worked All Your Life To Rebuild This Nation After The War, While Foreigners Have Done Da mn All! It’s Only Right They Are Taken Care of First!!! And If You Have To Be Homeless In The Process It’s Your Own Fault!!! You Really Have Reached A New Low With This One Tories! Sickening!!!

That’s right T.May keep sending bribery money to china so their elderly can be looked after with dignity and ignore your own elderly. If you have any sense vote ukip and start by voting in ukip councils in this year’s elections. Nothing is going to change until we get a sensible fair government in place. .

What happens if the elderly have no assets?

They’ll probably let them die

Surprise surprise they get it free! But it’s not totally funded by the government, the care homes push up the cost of care on those who pay, to subsidise the amount the council’s have negotiated

So, not only are those with assets paying for their own care, they’re paying to subsidise others who are getting it free.

I’m amazed at the number of older people who are dumped into care homes when they have sons and/or daughters , who clearly want to be rid of them and accept no responsibility. It’s a pity it didn’t happen to them when they were babies and they got dumped into an orphanage.

Doesn’t say much for our society when there are some who don’t give a sh!t for the
parents that invested time and love into raising them.

There’s always exceptions of course , but too many think it’s perfectly normal to stick them in a home when they’re old. I’ve seen it.

They’re not pets to be discarded for god’s sake ! Look around at other countries whose people care for their elderly parents……and then be ashamed , if you don’t.

If the government never forced women out to work full-time they may well have the time to look after their relatives. They want women working full time and paying taxes

I’m looking after my 89-year-old father, who worked his whole life and never claimed a penny. He raised his family on his own modest income, paying his way his whole life. He presently lives only on a state pension. Which due to him doing that lifetime of work, gets graduated and SERPS added to his basic rate, but that takes him over the threshold and he even has to pay tax on it.

He doesn’t claim anything despite having severe COPD, blind in one eye, loss of sight in the other, arthritis, increased heart rate and dizziness due to his lung condition, he manages to live in his home with some help from me and a weekly cleaner that he pays for out of his own pocket.

But down the road is the guy who pretends he had a bad back and has decided he’s retired from work entirely and swans around in a car paid for by the state and full benefits and the family across the road Eastern Europeans, with a house full of kids, live like kings.

Don’t even go there about those not looking after their parents. Many of us do, but to see other young people free loading is disgusting.

So the gimmegrants can walk in, get their extended families, over and the old will go into care homes but our own people who have worked and paid get nothing. No wonder the people of the UK are so bitter, can you blame them. They may as well have p I s s e d around, not worked, lived off state benefits for all the good that term g to help themselves has done,

“… a five per cent hike in council tax to help bridge an estimated £2.6billion black hole in social care funding.” Of course local councils cannot be expected to pay for all the escalating costs of gimmigrants and care for the elderly as well. The problem is that this government is not being honest about this, just as they are not honest about so many other issues.

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