Schools reaching ‘breaking point’ through combination of inflation, salaries and pensions

The fact is that in state schools, local government and the civil service wages have been capped at 1% a year for as long as anyone can remember now. You may be aware that this is below the rate of inflation. In real terms under this and the last government teachers now earn £3,000 LESS in real terms than they used to, meanwhile the workload pressure of the job have steadily increased. Civil servants now earn on average £1,000 LESS than they did in 2010. Pensions were also reduced and the retirement age pushed back. In fact the wages of private sector employees have been increasing at a far larger level than those of the public sector for many years, so they are treated worse than other employees. The question is do you want to attract talented people to teaching or not? Are our children worth good teachers, or no teachers, given how badly this government has messed up teacher training meaning that there is now a national shortage of teachers in nearly every subject.  Yep they sure have messed up teacher training.  They’ve turned it into a ”business” for those who just set up training schools.

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