Junior doctor claims career was ‘wrecked by lack of protection for whistleblowers’


You should be proud of yourself for speaking out i have had my career ruined as well for giving evidence in the jimmy saville enquiry but i do not regret it i have spoken up and told the truth

Adrian Garfoot
It is sheer corruption that whistleblowing doctors are treated like this in the NHS. In the 1990s I was blasted for complaining about the care of drug addicts in the NHS clinics. Hundreds each year were dying from the punitive treatment they were getting. Eventually I ended up at the GMC and was struck off. Another friend complained about the level of SHO support she was getting as a pre registration doctor and eventually she was struck off. At least I was is my 50s. The people at the top of the hierarchy are thug like in their approach. They look for any dirt on a person, even make it up and provide false evidence to courts. The professor who presided over my case, Professor Richards was himself being investigated for his part in covering up a huge medical fraud. That’s the level of it! It’s dirty play all the way. My friend who complained of a similar thing many years ago managed to get reinstated after three years but again could never find a job and she hasn’t worked since. Their game is to wreck non compliant doctors gradually over a period of time. You get to point where no further routes are open. The GMC and presumably NHS will send expensive barristers along to do their best to strike out cases and close up any avenues of redress. The legal profession are in cahoots. Check out the interests of these people. They all have connections right up to the top. As for my friend she now lives in poverty on a state pension. Two or three years ago the ‘doctor’ who she complained about himself suddenly vanished from the medical register and was thrown out of a job at Eastbourne Hospital but authorities including the GMC refused to say why. Maybe his Calcutta medical degree was a forgery.

I used to work at the same hospital on the admin side and was the subject of victimisation and bullying over 3 years and a witch-hunt by management because I dared to voice mine and other’s concerns to senior management and HR about nepotism with the managers interviewing and appointing their own relatives and falsifying time sheets. Nothing was done at all and it is still happening now, 2 years after I left.

The Court of Appeal is due to hear Dr Chris Day’s Complaint 21 & 22 March 2017 http://www.cloisters.com/latest/speaking-up-whistleblowing-in-the-nhs

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