Why The Constant Recycling Of The ”Beheading” Meme by tptwtb?


Charlie P
I am amazed that the the Independent has chosen not to publish the results of the recent European wide survey carried out on behalf of the eminent Chatham House think tank. The findings show that 54% of the EU citizens surveyed thought all immigration from muslim countries should end altogether. (See Page 30 of today’s Times)

In other words 54% of EU citizens want to be much stricter than Donald Trump. Funny I don’t see any mention of this in the Indy. Now I wonder why that can be. Covering up news is no different to fake news.

GW believes that the ‘‘terror script writers” have several objectives. Firstly tptwtb are actually terrified, on a daily basis, by the rest of us & therefore wish to scare the living daylights out of the ordinary travelling public so as to to offload some of their terror on to the rest of us. Secondly tptwtb believe that by beheading an individual actually or maybe symbolically, they separate that individual irreparably from the Redeemer.  Don’t fall for any more of this eternal ”knife wielding/ terrorist/ mentally unstable pervert on the tube/bus” bullcrap.  Been on the tube twice this week and on both occasions, people have been reassuringly normal.

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