Video Exposing The Melbourne Hoax Being Censored – A Message Sent To The Victoria Police

Published on Feb 9, 2017

Other Videos are mirrored @ Truth.
Truth – ”thalia does not exist. Her “sister” is seen here stomping her leg (maybe that’s how it broke?) her mother is clearly not in a coma and her “dad” is Talmudic

PowerOf One
This whole badly staged and badly acted out attack was simply to (and I will type this slowly) WAKE PEOPLE UP.
If you all chill. Use loving critical thinking skills you will be able to see behind the Wizard of Oz curtain.



Colin White
+belilu belilu sorry, please also check out the testimony of the man who found the wounded Thalia. He says he found her behind a bicycle rack in front of the RACV building. In one account he claims two ladies from the RACV building helped him yet in another account he said it was a nurse and a paramedic (if I recall correctly)

DoubleHoopNation (edited)
I WOULDN”T BE SURPRISED IF Richard Goojar was involved behind the scenes since PeeKay’s work on the Nice truck attack was just fantastic. Then he went after his daughter who just happened to be in Germany for the next attack.

Chuck P
Gutjahr’s wife was probably behind it. These creepos always get two or three birds with one stone. We should have seen it coming.

smoke’n mirrors
the Christmas tree pic of the sisters together shows terrible ps skills, may as well have lasso them in paint. i cant believe the organization is for this event

sounds like a syndicated effort, the IDF “TRAINER” has a real interesting FB page

Mark those words: “we’re benefitting from 9/11”.

Amaterasu Solar
You can’t make this up. “Sweet little girl with a twinkle in her eye” in ordinal gematria = 440 – drop the zero, and We get 44, the kill number. Pffft. Total psyop.

oz lady 
MEESHA RHODES ALI – IN THE CAR WITH IAN AT THE LIGHTS. “STAY IN THE CAR IAN!!!” gets her face on tv – Meesha Rhodes Ali speaks about witnessing the early stages of the car chase in front of Flinders Street station. #BourkeSt #TheProjectTV and of course look at her social media MAKEUP is a big thing with her

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