Yunus E  @ AAG– 9 February 2017
Retreaded Reagan-era apparatchik Roberts is back to do what he does best – limited hangouts intended to muddy the waters of any issue which may be “in danger” of becoming clear.

Knowing that Trump’s moves right out of the box cannot be successfully spun into anything other than clear confirmation of his complete ownership by the Israel Lobby, as part of the team of “cutting edge” sionist think tankers Roberts takes the aggressive ‘in your face’ approach to damage control…

Give the man up to his critics, knowing that he’s already used up his usefulness – and now start to focus upon “continuity of government.” With the Goldman Team now unalterably in place, Trump’s figurehead role will largely be unnecessary –

all the bagholders who bought the cheap rhetoric about this Lanksy-Mafiya acolyte being an “outsider” are fully on the hook for their purchase/ no returns, no exchanges, all sellouts are final!

Prepping America for a fatal civil war which will bring the once mighty Republic to a end, the master planners who for so long have desired to see it humbled – once sucked dry by their extortion racket = have sowed the seeds of a suicidal death wish among all the gullible goyim who sucked up Roberts weekly menu of disinfo over this past year, along with the blizzard of Russian Deep State Mafiya-generated “NEO” “SPUTNIK” “SAKER” agitprop designed to make fashionable the guilty pleasures of taking on the blame for every criminal act the world over.

And it’s worked like a charm! Rootin for Putin is the new mantra which preludes a gigantic Jonestown replication which “guilty” Americans will be hypnotized into believing is a suitable expiation for the sins of “their” Deep State. Which was never anything more than Bronfman’s International Bnai Brith, the board of Directors of Permindex, and the vast network of covert Ashkenazi operatives who gradually subsumed EVERY polity in the western world into their control.

And Peter Dale Scott – for all his elegant prose and incisive musings about the Deep State, took fatal liberty with his own success, when he criticized the true originator of that field of study, Fletcher Prouty, for having “a “conspiratorialist mentality” that “localizes the global dominance mindset too narrowly in a restricted group who are not only like-minded but in conspiratorial communication over a long term”.

Fletch got it right all along, though he hung back from naming the actual names from a wise desire to stay healthy.

L. Fletcher Prouty on The Secret Team – Part 1

Steven Carter

The “SECRET TEAM” has won the day, and Washington is no more than an outpost of the Solntsevskaya Bratva and its Ashkenazi partners. What Scott will never let his readers know is that the “Turkish Deep State” was always the creation of Israeli intelligence and Russian Mafiyas working with NATO to create the permanent chaos which would maximize the profitable criminal endeavors of all three. Like JITEM and the PKK were always hand in glove, the master criminal caste which runs this sorry ol world have always needed each other.

And stooges like Roberts, Escobar and the rest.

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