UK Column News 8th February 2017 with Alex Thomson & Mark Anderson

George the Greek Trucker

A friend @ GtGT (edited)
GOD = Grantor of Dominion. Republic is ROMAN. Roman Republics. When trump says freedom is not given by governments.. its given by GOD.. hes talking about a Dictatorship.. not freedom, I suggest. Governments are supposed to be for the people by the people.. or some such. Words have different meanings. When you know that GOD is a contractual name…. Grantor of Dominion (kings dominion) it will be come clear what Trump is speaking about. Trump is stating GOD, whoever the contractual name is…. is above the Governments of the people. Trump is not talking about the genuine creator of the universe, is he. KINGs DOMINION. Grantor of Dominion.

Randolph Fuller @ GtGT
Those that say they are Jews but they are not.  Synagogue of Satan.

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson for today’s news update, including:

START: BBC starts pushing “reality” again
03:20 Christian missionary prosecuted for publishing “fake news” in South Sudan
07:55 BBC accuses Trump of lying over Syrian refugees
16:00 Donald Trump invoked constitutional principle of unalienable rights
18:30 Globalist demands an end to the use of certain phrases
25:40 London Book Review recognises fake news from Syria
30:45 Government attack on free speech accelerates
32:25 Government response to whistleblowers
36:47 Jihadi Jonathan: BBC worries about “extreme behaviour” of seagulls
41:50 Mainstream media out to reinforce the narrative on past events
44:25 Facebook and Google seek to influence French presidential elections

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