Melbourne Hoax 100% Exposed – The Final Nail In the Coffin

9 February 2017


Truth Finder
Nice work RV, very nice!! I’d love to hear an explanation from the Australian government on how this vid doesn’t prove it was nothing but a drill ?? SMH When will the sheep wake up??

Robbo Max
I suggest you listen to the interview with Boogy Ass (Lou taxi driver) on 3AW. Go to the toilet first before you listen to it as otherwise you might pish yourself when laughing. Boogy Ass says he’s in charge of everyone giving orders (even to the cops). He does everything and even gets fetches bottles of water for all his troops!

Robbo Max
Here’s the link. Mind and go to the toilet before you listen

Taxi driver Lou Bougias has been praised for his actions in the aftermath of the Bourke Street tragedy.

Lou Bougias = Lou Bogus – the name is just spelt differently to slightly hide tptwtb’s message to their mates from the Sheeple – as with ”James Alefantis = J’aime les enfants”.  Tptwtb love word play and double entendre.

Magi May = MM = 33

edward kennedy (edited)
Russianvids leads the pack. This and the inaction, with the blue jackets by the electricity box, plus the pointed shoe handlers, and the weird, bouncing chick with dyed black hair. It’s a shock horror, guys, and Melbourne the stage.

Watch: Pedestrians in Melbourne running for their lives from out of control vehicle

Michael Bastas  (edited)
see the HO4 & the reflection of a 4 on the otherside lol its like error in the matrix funny wen you see it on the car.

my opinion (edited)
Its a hoax the Police car that turned up next to the Mother is not the same car that was shown on the arial view , Completely different cars , They show a commodore and then in the same spot a purple Ford Territory is this a coincidence or what ? Also note when the purple commodore shows up they only film half of the car so you cant notice what it is but i know my commodores and thats a sedan . No Ambulances , HOAX YES

Final positive photographic proof that 2 different cars were used in the Melbourne ”Doughnut Driver” Car Rampage  – first car has a trailer hitch & second car does not have a trailer hitch as well as being a different colour red to the first one – absolute perfect photographic proof – final nail in the coffin for this Fake Melbourne Show!

GW: Did the Hakins have a funeral or press conference?

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