Highest-earning Tory MP forgot to declare £400,000 income but remembered to claim 49p for milk


ToriCon MP Geoffrey Cox(Photo: PA)


Thanks to NLAT for the link.

If they’re doing their job as an MP properly then they shouldn’t have time for a second job, so no, they absolutely should not have second jobs.

Say he worked 44 weeks a year at his law firm that would be virtually 9 hr per day every day at 1953 hrs per year, It is impossible to represent his constituency at that rate.

Isn’t this a sort of benefits fraud? Certainly earning an ‘extra’ £400k is certainly a benefit, well to him anyway. But I suppose the poor chap can’t send his kids to private school or be a member of the RAC club on such a …’low salary’ …of only £75,000′ per year!!!

SACK HIM. He can’t represent his constituency and be a QC at the same time. He is bloody moonlighting which any working class person would be sacked for, for not be loyal to his employer!! Camerons wealthy cronies eh. There is one law for them and one for the low paid people of this country. Never the twain shall meet!

GW: 63 percent say MPs should not have second jobs.

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