Government accused of trying to kill off UK solar industry before it can become cheapest form of electricity

”The Government has been accused of trying to kill off Britain’s solar energy industry just as it is about to become one of the cheapest suppliers of electricity – with no need for any kind of state subsidy.

In fact, according to the Government’s own projections, only onshore windfarms could provide cheaper power within the next decade or so – and the Conservatives pledged in the party’s election manifesto to “halt their spread”.”

Irrespective of the damage to the environment, it is irresponsible to use all of the World’s fossil fuel resources within a couple of centuries. Alternative, green energy, production is bound to be expensive in the development stage but it is also bound, in the end, to provide the only viable option.

May’s billionaire chums are only interested in maintaining their fossil fuel gravy train whilst those who are thrust into fuel poverty continue to shiver.

Something fishy is afoot. The Liberal (Tory) government in Australia has this week launched a full-frontal attack on renewable energy, claiming coal is the fuel of the future.

And they know that due to their ages that most will be dead before their actions really start to kill people off so why would they care? Money is their god and nothing else whatsoever matters more to them, it’s what they live for, they’re entire raison d’être

Chris Clark
In this country, energy does not come under economic policy, as might be expected, but security. The policy is owned by the Government and written and maintained in place by the fossil fuel companies.

There is approximately one meeting per week between one or other company and the Government ministers, and a standing committee for which I have been trying to rediscover the link, which is comprised of all the fossil fuels companies and Government ministers. Renewables do not sit on that committee.

andy tomlins
All of this explains why solar is getting the kicking it is today. I am a solar investor.
May is just doing as her new boss Donald tells her. After all he did shut down the US environmental agency set up by that well known libtard snowflake Richard Nixon. Tillerson, Exxon and the Russian energy companies have bought control.

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