Exposed Truth

Feb 8, 2017

politically incorrect (edited)
bipola telly Do your research. The Bushes, Israeli Mosad, CIA, and Saudi Arabia were all involved with 9/11. It was an inside job., It was a false flag, which unfortunately involved taking lives. Our government uses terroism as a tool to make us fearful. We then look to the government for answers, thinking they’ll

Jon Stein
WOW!!! So she talks about patriarchy incessantly. She acts like she’s pro Jesus, calls him a cool Jew. She does speak some truth in regards to Hollywood Satanism, rape, trickery, hoarding of money, sucking of blood, etc. But she completely leaves out Judaism, it’s leaders, or it’s ties with Satanism. She manages to slip in a mention of Rothschild, but that’s it!! She slides over a whole lot of truths about Hollywood, & any part of our world that relies on money. Our Money System is NOT OURS!! All the money we have is OWNED by 11 FAMILIES! Barr employs all of those Communist scare tactics, Nuclear Annihilation, Extinction, & no hope whatsoever; U can’t challenge those at the top!!

I love how she mentions that leaders have “Handlers”, & that Big Money people are the real owners of this World. She looks down as she says that. I believe that she’s a victim of Satan’s Entertainment Industry. The Demons who run this world know that a huge number of people have woken up to them. I can tell that they are using Roseanne to misdirect the public & to continue assuring us that we are all up the creek. And!!! Never think about those who own you!!!!

Abby Martin looks delectable, in spite of that giraffe neck she appears to have. It is funny when she gives that line, “Perpetuating the system to maximize their bottom lines”. It sounds like she’s reading from a Term paper she did for a College Course in Communications. Obviously, she is heavily influenced by our Universities’ method of Cultural Marxist Indoctrination. The Globalists Love Communism!

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