The grand global political lesson of the moment: we have no idea what’s possible

Unfortunately The Alternative Media Have Been ”Interfering” With That NWO Narrative – Richard Haass CFR Explains

How the refugee crisis, Trump, and Brexit signal a world in flux.
Sean Jan 31, 2017

Dean Illing
The subtitle of your book implies that an old order is dying and a new historical era is beginning. What was the old order, and what is it being replaced by?

Richard Haass
The old order is what we’d typically call the international order, a lot of which was built after World War II. For the first 40 years after World War II, you had the discipline and clarity of the Cold War. For the next 20 or so years, you had clear American primacy and limited progress in coping with the challenges of globalization.

What we’re seeing now is a revival of great power tensions. We’re seeing the demise of traditional support for free trade. We’ve obviously lost the discipline that came with the Cold War. We saw the American entry and, in some ways, departure from the Middle East, both of which have contributed to making that the most chaotic part of the world. We’ve seen Russia’s behavior in Europe and the refugee crisis in Syria, which has spurred populist and nationalist movements across the European continent.

TomatoBubble Forum Quote

Sanger: To those who helped build that global order, Mr. Trump’s vow was at best shortsighted. “Truman and Acheson, and everyone who followed, based our policy on a ‘world-first,’ not an ‘America-first,’ basis,” said Richard N. Haass, whose new book, “A World in Disarray,” argues that a more granular, short-term view of American interests will ultimately fail.

Rebuttal: Hmmm. Richard Haass (cough cough), eh? So, the President of the world-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations doesn’t approve of Orange Man’s use of the term “America First.” Add a point to the plus column for OM

Thanks to UK Column News for pointing in the direction of what Neoglobalistlibtard Richard Haass is now saying about their having to cut back on using such buzzwords as Free Trade Agreements, Global Agenda, One World Government etc because the General Sheeplic are finally educating themselves by looking into the background of this stuff  far too much.

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