How to spot a faked terror event

Anti Troll
Jan 31, 2017

Spudgy Pang (edited)
Psyop Ribbons and practice drill badges.
Plus of course the foil wraps, prams, dolls, water bottles, fake photofit pictures. Mannequins. Laughing crisis actors. Anything blamed on fake entities like isis. 33.
& I repeat Psyop Ribbons.

Irene Davo
Truthgains81 why are there no videos in Melbourne of anyone being knocked over! No tyre prints through blood!

Sku Style
How to spot fake terror, 1st, if it’s in EU, 2nd, it’s called a terror attack in MSM, 3rd, if ISIS or Muslim’s are blamed, main three for me. The simple reason Zionists have to fake these terror attacks for their evil agenda is because human beings aren’t running around committing mass murder upon fellow human beings. It’s the Zionist West controlled Governments that are committing mass murder.

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