Migrant breaks girl’s nose for refusing sex advances – then knocks out her rescuer

”The Congolese migrant approached the girl, aged 17, at Dortmund’s main train station but she rejected him, witnesses said.

According to police the migrant then hit her in the face, breaking her nose, before a German man ran to help her.

The Good Samaritan from Kalkar was then hit by the migrant, and was also knocked out by the blow.

Witnesses told officers they saw the girl trying to keep the man away from her.”

Putting citizens at risk of criminal behavior is not acceptable, these criminal aliens need deporting, sooner rather than later. PC and HR are a danger to democracy.

The same thing was happening in Sweden last year but on a much larger scale. Women and young girls, waiting for trains, being groped and if they complained they were punched or slapped. Did you also see the video of the Swedish men raiding the train station attacking the migrants in retaliation? It was on the MSM as well but they twisted it as usual and said the Swedish lads were attacking migrant children, as though we believed them.

100 Masked Men Attack Immigrants In Swedish Train Station

A lot and everyone is fed up. The money spent on violent criminals who will be not deported is disgusting – one man from Sudan registered under at least 20 false names, cashed in 41,000 euros and now has a suspended sentence. Germany should have taken in women and children and sent the men back to fight for change and for their countries. As to the worker shortage there are so many unemployed in Greece, Italy, Spain – so why do they not have a chance of employment in the Fatherland.

GW: The ”guests” just don’t ”get rejection” rather like their neoglobalistlibtard mates don’t get BREXIT. A young vibrant female is approached by a boozed up vagrant at 3am in a railway station looking for ”company”. What did he think would happen – that she would say ”Heh I have been waiting all my life to meet someone like you.” Get real. If you have ambitions of forming a meaningful relationship with an EU female you better have a good job and a mortgage buddy – and enough spare cash to hang about in a trendy bar all evening until she has finished talking with her ”mates”.

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