One in six hospital A&E departments ‘may be closed or downgraded’


Hospital viewers slam Jeremy Hunt as cancer patient is denied surgery ‘This is your fault’

The government, Hunt and NHS England are determined to destroy the NHS at any cost. Torys hate anything state owned

” I WONDER WHY ” ??????

Search Sputnik 112

This ”Interview with a Representative from Save our NHS Dr Bob Gill ” is eye opening !!!

Allow 3 or 4 million extra people in to the country, then close down the already overcrowded hospitals, you couldn’t make it up

GW: Hunt the **** has slapped a ”sticking plaster policy” over the ”gaping NHS funding wound” by announcing that UK residents will now all have to show passports when presenting for treatment.

”Some hospitals are already using hand-held card readers so patients can pay their bill with a credit or debit card while still on the ward.”

Totally agree this has been going on for a long time now I put that down to bad management in the NHS.

Nobody should be allowed to travel to this country without health insurance. Can’t believe James O’Brien denying there is an issue with health tourism. He really is a stupid man.

All foreigneers not entitled to NHS treatment without documents and health insurance should be redirected to the nearest private hospital as they do in the rest of Europe !

A&Es collapsing across the country, people dying on trolleys, thousands of operations cancelled, old people stuck on wards for months due to lack of social care.

But ignore all that, and look over here.

The D E – all the right-wing news we and the Tories want you to read.
GW: ***** Comment Tim!

Here is the best laugh——–-”It will be left to hospital managers to determine the best way of proving eligibility but this is likely to include asking to see identity documents.” What a joke!

Long overdue!
BUT, the NHS will still be chasing up payments after the ‘event’
Would it not be far more sensible AND involve less administration, if credible evidence of a medical insurance policy had to be submitted when applying for a visa and to make visas compulsory for all visitors?


Tories are profound liars. Health tourism if it exists at all is a very minor issue. There will be a sting in the tail of these measures for sure. What happens to UK citizens with no passports, homeless people, kids living with their parents, lodgers etc?

However, not long before UK GP will also be asked to hand over credit cards to J Hunt @ NHS PAY.  JH is slyly rolling out the NHS Payment System to ”foreigners” first.  Watch this space and point out that you have paid 30/40 years National Insurance and if charged for NHS treatment want a full tax rebate backdated.

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