‘They don’t want to INTEGRATE’ Kay Burley & guest in fiesty immigration tirade on Sky News

”Andre said: “We’re addicted to unskilled labour, we’re addicted to people who don’t want to integrate, we’re addicted to people who don’t want to speak English and we should just stop it – it’s crazy.”

Bidisha continued: “What we need to do is look at the numbers. We actually have relatively low levels of migration and immigration – if you look at our refugee numbers, we have extremely low levels.”


Kay Burley was forced to intervene during the debate after Andre Walker was called ‘sexist’ by Human Rights activist Bidisha Bandyopadhyay.


“It’s extremely sexist to interrupt a woman?” Where did they get her, and what happened to equality? Well, for your information Bidisha, our population is now well in excess of 80 million. There were 655 million Active National Insurance Numbers in December 2011 (Hansard), there has been 300,000 Net Migration per year since 2011 (Migration Watch), there is over 1 million unregistered illegal immigrants (Cameron’s Government), and there are over 14 million children, in Britain Today. Migration also state, unchallenged, that 75% of all these immigrants are on Benefits. Meanwhile 11,000 British Veterans are homeless (SSAFA) and thousands of British People are going to Soup Kitchens and for Food Parcels, while immigration costs us £17 billion per year.

Trevor Ammanford
With a population density of 271p/km2 in the UK (more than France and Germany) I think you can say that we are full. It’s time that liberal apologists like Bidisha took their heads from her anuses and looked around.

Mass migration is the major cause of our rapid population increase.  It is estimated that net migration plus births to foreign-born parents has accounted for 85% of UK population growth since 2000. Under the official ‘high’ migration scenario the population is projected to rise by around 500,000 a year – the equivalent to a new city the size of Liverpool every year.  75% of this increase will be down to future migrants and their children.  Recent Population Growth
1. Since 2000 the population of the UK has increased at a faster rate than any time in the previous 90 years. Unlike previous episodes of growth, the major reason for this increase has been the high level of immigration.

2. The population growth of a country is affected by the birth rate, the death rate and net migration (the difference between immigration and emigration).  Immigration adds to the population both directly from the migrant themselves and indirectly by increasing the number of births in the country.  In 2015, over a quarter (27.5%) of live births were to mothers born outside the UK, the highest level on record. This percentage has increased every year since 1990, when it was 11.6% .

3. In 2001 the population of the UK was estimated to be 59.1 million with 4.9 million (8.3%) foreign born.  By 2011 the population of the UK had increased by 4.1 million to 63.2 million with the foreign born population at 8 million . In 2015, the population of the UK was estimated to be around 65 million.

4. It is estimated that net migration plus births to foreign-born parents has accounted for 85% of population growth between 2000 and 2014 .

England is already highly overcrowded. Over 90% of international migrants to the UK go to England which now has a population density of 410 people per square km. The population density of England is just lower than India and nearly twice that of Germany and 3.5 times that of France.

We don’t want hundreds of thousands of immigrants to integrate….
We want perhaps 30,000 immigrants a year to integrate into our country.
We don’t want overcrowding, increased pollution, loss of unique culture, loss of precious countryside to provide housing for newcomers (one new home required every 14 minutes)

Tizbee Yondmee
You forgot the child abuse, drug dealing, women bothering and worse.

Just so we’re clear here, then – a ‘sexist’ or a ‘racist’ is basically anyone who disagrees with a liberal lefty – or attempts to debate them!

Surely any prospective immigrant should either have a guaranteed job to go to that cannot be filled by a local worker OR be compelled to bring sufficient money into the country to ensure that they cannot become a burden on the State.
Many countries employ these criteria. Why not Britain?

Yes at the moment this should be the policy because the halcyon days of UK having full employment and actually making things are over so we can’t afford to support those coming here who can’t support themselves.  If you bring back all the manufacturing you’ve exported – ToriCons – we could start to speak again about your ”free movement” policies.

I migrated to Australia over 20 years ago (since returned) and could not have gone if my wife hadn’t been a qualified nurse. The Aussies change their points system frequently when the demand is there for types of specific workers and it’s an effective, fair system. The Tories have rejected that – yet more evidence if it was needed they are utterly clueless.

Notice how she had to sink to using the ”sex*sm” card! When you are in a corner, play the ”rac*sm” or the ”sex*sm” card. Or both in her case.  Probably works for George Soros/György Schwartz.

Why do women like this try and hide behind sexism they use it like a cosh and should be told to shut up and listen for a change, the guy was quite correct in what he was trying to say.

true brit in france
I agree — and I’m a woman. I cringed at her pomposity.  Who is she?

John Locke
Immigration has to be stopped and then controlled on work permit basis. The old Ponzi scheme of getting more immigrants to pay for more pensions will lead to total and utter ruin.  The NeoGlobalLibtards are trying to pauperise us all.

The costs of translation and interpreters is massive, if someone comes here to live it is only right that they learn English.  Or pay their own translation costs.

It would save our schools a fortune in translators, at the moment some teachers have up to thirty different languages in their classes which makes it almost impossible for them to be taught.

Rony Brown
Not willing or able to learn the language is enough reason to say no thank you. In my local council office, the guy in front was waiting for a council employee to come and speak to him in Albanian. That cannot be right – with respect to every nationality and human being. STUPID COUNTRY !

All Britain has to do is stop all the freebie Benefits to foreign persons until they have paid taxes for 5 years. You’d soon see two things happen……they wouldn’t come, and those that were in Britain would leave for some other country.  Sexist? Doesn’t that woman come from the biggest culture of sexism on the planet?  How about her taking on some of the biggest offenders in her own culture……if she dared at the risk of her very life.

Does this woman who obviously belongs to the “group” I am speaking about seriously think she could say “don’t interrupt me, that is sexist” to a member of her own sect – Without risking “her” head I don’t think so !!
Pure hypocrisy on her part and WE fall for it !

No one has a clue about the true levels of immigration because there’s no exit visa system in place and no politician wants to implement the scheme because it’ll show the overstays it in their true light. There’s at least triple the amount of illegal overstays the government would lead you to believe. And, incredulously, if they’re caught overstaying they’re welcomed and claim to have lost their passport we can’t deport them and have to let them go on their way. You can’t make this stuff up.

Low immigration numbers and integration? She needs to take a walk around Bury, Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Preston, Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Hull, Sunderland, Newcastle, Manchester, Boston, London, the South East et al. Whole swaths of areas that are simply ghettoised.

Go and sell your crazy ideas somewhere else Ms Bidisha. We’re all stocked up over here with you and your liberal elitists mates who have absolutely no idea of the true immigration figures and don’t care as long as it doesn’t impinge upon your world.

Sick and tired of these PC commentators. They are so utterly selfish. A mate called it ”verbalised genocide.” What is “sexist” about correcting a view?

GW:  The ”genocide” of proper debate.  Excellent description

Well one of her bro Afghans spat inside my car when I had an argument with himfor blocking me in a traffic Jam on the M3. He said he was afghan when I told him in this country people do not spit on others.  This race barely produces people with above average IQ. How many Nobel prizes Muslims have got? They are a drag on IQ distribution.

Considering more than 1/4 of world population are Muslims? How many Nobel prizes produces per 100m of their population?

Look at India, China, western European, and Russian? Hazard a guess that this gent is one of our compatriots from India who has been getting ”the sharp end of things” from the new ”guests”.

This is good. People are again to speak up for their country without fear of reprisals. ”Patriotic Spring.”

As a female, I find the sexist accusation very cringeworthy. You can guarantee that’s not the first time she’s thrown that around.

Rony Brown
100%. These idiots will not wake until it is tooo late. Hilary lost the election because large numbers of intelligent american ladies saw through the stupid glass ceiling game/ploy and said no thanks. We will wait until a decent lady becomes a candidate. Those like her just do not get the disgust felt by sensible men and women ..

Rony Brown
But they do not dish out money to everyone who asks for it. They look after their own and the people who contributed. We on the other hand are a STUPID COUNTRY, which is what the EU told Cameron. We need to stop reason why they all want to come : No benefits until you have contributed enough tax. Schools, doctors …. should be paid for until then. Let us get out the EUSSR and start looking after our country’s future.

It’s the usual Cultural Marxism which seems to infest every aspect of our lives.

Women are seen as an ‘opp ressed group’ and men are the ‘op pressor group’ therefore women cannot possibly be sexist towards men. It’s the same argument used to excuse dis crimination against white people.

Google ‘Why reverse opp ression cannot possibly exist’ for a prime example of this warped thinking.


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