Masked thugs ‘film brutal attack on teenager at takeaway on mobile’ in Brixton in broad daylight

Q: Are Tony Blair and his Cabal to blame?

I live in London, this is how it is, labour to blame, was never this bad, never. London fell when liebour decided multiculture was the way to go without asking the people. Idiots who voted Liebour then are to blame as well for thinking this was the best way for the country. Laws that favour the criminal in every way are thanks to the lawyers who think money is more important than life. People are too stupid to rise up to this madness. You reap what you sow..

We’re overrun with savages.
Elsewhere, that we’re not allowed to comment on, is the sickening report on all the supporters turning out to the funeral of a Neanderthal, murdering d.rug lord s.c.u.m.bag who was shot dead by a police officer who should be given a medal…

Philippines police chief echoes president’s call to kill drug traffickers

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