Theresa May Held Secret Meeting With Rupert Murdoch

Tory Party Conference 16 – it’s Crazy Clown Time

+dan taylor
As a herd member I doubt if you have ever heard of Jon Pilger? He summed up Brexit in very accurate terms, which make a complete nonsense of the views put forward by supporters of state/corporate interests, and EUSSR…………..

John Pilger – Amazing Interview on Brexit & E.U.

Comment: Brexit was supported by Dennis Skinner, Labour Leave, the SWP, the RMT and ASLef, do you call them all xenophobes and racists?

Tony Blair booted the hinges off the back door of Rupert Murdoch’s wife.

Ogham TheBold
She went to NHS (Nutter’s Hegemonic Semen) – complaining of feelin’ very blue : with superficial signs of redness – you know : ARSE (Areas of Redness Somewhere Embarrassing) – can’t divulge : very PC (Patient Confidentiality) aware : – confirmed it – May be – worrying case of a VD (Virulent Dis-ease) – violently destabilising to the system – but luckily only RBS (Rogered Backside Sensitivity) – butt more PC (Precisely Clinically) known as : TB (Todgered Bumhole) R > G

Daniel Rostock
Mays speech about free market capitalism and controlled borders has made you butt hurt

Ogham TheBold
BOW WOW – 33O,OOO love her comedy – of errors : give her a CBE (Controlled Borders Enema) to flush out – her short term memory : faster than she can get rid of 1 person – useless unchristian usurer : her heart isn’t in it : she lacks that something – obviously I BOW – to her experience at BOWING : to those nice Communist Chinese : she did WOW ’em R > G

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